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If you haven’t heard, we have a new influencer service for user acquisition! With Stacks, powered by AdAction, you can leverage micro-influencers across the biggest social media platforms to drive engaged users to download your app. 

In this blog, we discuss how exactly influencer marketing drives UA with creative campaigns and enticing CTAs.

The Right Influencer, Platform, and Content Can Boost App Growth

Influencer marketing isn’t exactly new. It started way before social media when brands had spokespeople. Most were well-known names from TV, films, sports, the music industry, or other media. Much has changed since then, but the value of using influential people to promote a product hasn’t.  

Influencer marketing is booming, projected to hit $16.4 billion in 2022, and 66% of brands plan to increase influencer budgets. One study found that influencer marketing performed 11 times better than banner ads. Another found that businesses earn $5.20 for every $1 spent on the tactic on average.  

Why is it so impactful? In general, consumers trust the recommendations of influencers, sometimes more than the brand on its own.  

Performance-Based Influencer Marketing Ideas: Grow the Love and Your App

Is influencer marketing as easy as picking someone, offering a few notes, and then hitting go? It could be, but the more strategic you are, the better the results. Remember, influencers only earn when users install your app. They care about getting the content right, too. 

Here are some ideas to inspire your next or first campaign.

Create Buzz for App Launches

Get people excited about a new app launch! Influencers can help create the hype you’re looking for. Influencers can share “exclusive” content from your new game, fitness app, or live-streaming shopping app. This works best for apps in high-demand categories where there’s a gap that your product fills. You can also boost uploads even more with an additional offer for those that install and register by a specific date.

Showcase New Features

Say your users have been asking for certain features, and you’ve now delivered on it! It’s important, now, to make sure everyone knows by working with an influencer to demonstrate these new features. Be sure the content includes that it was user-initiated (e.g. you asked and we delivered!). This shows that you’re responsive to your reviews as well as needs from your current users. 

Influencer Marketing - Stacks and Adaction

Create Promotions Around Seasonality

If your app has seasonality associated with it (e.g., holiday shopping, sports-focused, etc.) you have a number of creative opportunities to promote. The key is to lead with your promotion for the season. Will you offer discounts for their first purchase? Will your app have new products for a season? 

Those who would benefit from your app app are thinking about seasonality, even if they don’t realize it. Presenting your offering where those users are already consuming content is a great way to get UA amongst a brand new audience.

Develop Stories with Influencers of How the App “Changed Their Life”

Maybe an app won’t exactly change someone’s life, but they often make things easier for users and solve problems.

If that’s a role your app plays, then influencers can simply share their genuine experience of how the app helps them do everything from scan documents, create reports, secure their network, track their fitness goals, etc. A simple review from a trusted influencer goes a long way!

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If you’re ready to use the power of influence to grow your app, AdAction can help!

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