Why Using an Ad Network Is Best for Your UA Goals

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Hitting UA (user acquisition) goals is often a tall order. That’s even trickier for apps in highly competitive categories. While there are many advertising options and channels you can use to drive downloads, how successful are they? If these tactics aren’t incurring the ROI you expect, you’ll want to know about the value of using an ad network.

In this post, we’ll identify what an ad network is, its benefits, and why AdAction’s is truly unique.

What Is an Ad Network?

An ad network in the app marketing world describes a single offering consisting of thousands and app placements. The network includes a diverse mix of media. Mobile app marketers gain access to it by working with mobile app marketing companies.

With such a network, you can use a variety of ad models for both Android and iOS, including:

  • CPC (cost per click)
  • CPI (cost per install)
  • CPE (cost per engagement) from top of funnel to deep funnel
  • CPA (cost per action)

Offerwall ads are also a part of this network, including feature placements. The most attractive networks have massive scale with the ability to deliver tens of thousands of installs per day. Often, the users from these networks are more engaged than standard traffic. A robust network is flexible to meet any UA goals you have.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Ad Network?

Deploying campaigns through a consolidated ad network delivers many advantages. Here are the most important ones.

  • Consolidated campaigns allow you to funnel spend through one provider with the freedom to select many tactics. As a result, you aren’t using multiple providers or engaging with self-service ad ops platforms. It could also help you use your UA budget more effectively.
  • An ad network provides scale that you can’t get from agencies or traditional advertising channels. If you can’t expand your reach to attract new users, you won’t see positive ROAS (return on ad spend).
  • You’ll have access to a reward platform. This enables you to launch rewarded ads to entice users to adopt your app and receive something valuable in return. This rewarded traffic opts into the platform, which typically begets higher conversion rates.
  • A network provides the audience necessary to deploy keyword campaigns and see results that support rank management initiatives.

What Makes the AdAction Ad Network Unique?

adaction app ad network

Not all ad networks are the same. Many have similar features and attributes, but the AdAction network is a rarity in the industry. Here’s why!

Our Network is Performance-Based

A defining differentiator for our network is that it’s performance-based. Our approach is to deliver a high velocity of quality users for every campaign. We help you maximize every dollar so that you’re paying for performance, which leads to a higher ROAS.

Massive Scale

Our network is large enough for any UA goals, with many Fortune 100 companies using it. Without sufficient volume, UA campaigns would fall flat. That’s never a result of working with us. Our platform can draw large audiences and help you meet high-volume burst keyword campaigns.

Scale and volume are critical for apps pursuing visibility. Our customer Snibble, a social media app, faced the challenge of breaking into a highly competitive category. They attempted a multi-channel approach on their own, but it wasn’t as successful as running campaigns on our network. As such, it allowed them to gain three times the number of new users as their initial goal.

Exclusive Traffic

Our network connects you to an exclusive network with premium placements. It’s a combination of owned and operated inventory as well as vetted partners. You can reach users in over 250 countries.

This ability to expand reach was instrumental in the success of our customer Cleanfox. The productivity app had strong native reach but was eager to expand to other markets in Europe. By using our rewarded network, they acquired over 225,000 new users, increasing user bases across six countries.

iOS Rewarded Campaigns

Our network supports iOS rewarded campaigns. Most platforms only have in-app inventory, so they can’t offer iOS. Our vast inventory of high-quality mobile-web publishers and in-app inventory allow mobile app marketers to run these campaigns.

Multiple UA Tactics from One Partner

On our network, you can deploy any UA campaign, and you can do it all with one partner. The benefit is consolidated reporting, so you know the impact of each tactic. It also means you have a dedicated expert offering recommendations and insights for all your app marketing efforts.

Unique Offerwall Inventory

Offerwalls are a top choice for mobile app marketers because they are user-initiated and don’t look like ads. Offerwalls are prevalent in the industry, but our inventory is truly unique. We own and operate this and have partners to ensure scale. It’s available for 150 countries. In 2020, total global clicks were over 307 million, and conversions were over 81 million.

You can also use standalone placements to get greater attention. Further, you can connect with users across the spectrum, with top-funnel and deep-funnel engagement events. You can deploy more than these CPE models, including CPI, CPA, and CPC. Your ads can also run across iOS, Android, mobile web, and desktop.

The AdAction Ad Network: Tap Our Inventory to Boost UA

The best way to scale, expand, and diversify your app marketing is to use an ad network. When you leverage ours, you can boost your UA efforts with precise strategies that align with your objectives. Start your journey with us by connecting with our mobile app marketing experts today!

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