AdAction Listed 8 Times on the AppsFlyer Performance Index – Edition 14

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The AppsFlyer Performance Index – Edition 14 covers the first half of 2021, and AdAction achieved eight rankings. It has a unique distinction, as it’s the first index post-ATT (app tracking transparency). It demonstrates the impact that Apple’s privacy changes made on the landscape. 

Edition 14 includes six indices:

  • SKAN Index: Measures the performance rankings on consenting iOS users, benchmarked against non-consenting segments. 
  • Retention Index: Tracks a source’s ability to drive loyal users at scale.
  • IAP (In-App Purchases) Index: Determines how successful a media source delivers paying users.
  • IAA (In-App Advertising): Assesses how well a platform can monetize users.
  • Growth Index: Calculates how fast a media source is growing by region.
  • Remarketing Index: Quantifies the ability of a source to drive users at scale via remarketing tactics.

The analysis covered 25 billion installs, 610 media sources and 18,000 apps. Retention, IPA, and IAA include positions for Power and Volume.

AdAction Rankings

Retention Index

  • Western Europe iOS Non-Gaming Life & Culture: Power (9) and Volume (9)
  • Western Europe iOS Non-Gaming Utility Group: Power (6) and Volume (6)

IAP Index

  • Global iOS Non-Gaming Utility Group: Power (9) and Volume (7)
  • Western Europe, iOS Non-Gaming Utility Group: Power (5) and Volume (5)
  • Global Android iOS All Categories: Power (27) and Volume (27)
  • Global Android Gaming All Categories: Power (20) and Volume (22)

IAA Index

  • North America iOS Gaming All Categories: Power (15) and Volume (13)

Growth Index

  • North America Android: 4

Trends from the AppsFlyer Performance Index – Edition 14

AdAction Listed 8 Times on the AppsFlyer Performance Index - Edition 14

The report goes on to highlight some key trends.

Meta receives the #1 SKAN index ranking.

Meta sits on top of this category in almost every sub-category. Previous to Edition 14, Meta was still adapting to the new ecosystem. Their growth indicates some significant improvements in their modeling of SKAN.

SKAN volumes remain low.

While the SKAN index is obtaining more data, the report clarifies that it’s nowhere near the pre-ATT numbers.

The ATT effect was disruptive.

Researchers compared Edition 14 and Edition 12 (pre-ATT) for context. The new rankings had some significant shifts and position fluctuations. This comparison also showed mobile marketing budgets moving from iOS to Android. They offer more insights into these changing dynamics.

AdAction Rankings Illustrate Our Industry Expertise

We’re no stranger to the AppsFlyer Performance Index, with featured rankings on many previous ones. These rankings indicate our continued efforts to deliver turnkey, customized app marketing strategies. We appreciate the recognition and continue to refine our platform to reach any app marketers’ goals!

To view all the rankings, download the newest edition.

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