Keep the Balance: Family Time Edition

family time

Ask almost anyone in our two offices, and they’ll tell you that one of their top priorities is family time. At AdAction, our team doesn’t have to worry about compromising family time or time spent in the office because they are empowered to prioritize their schedules. No matter your job title or length of employment, everyone gets the same access to work-life balance. Check out how some of our team maintains that balance with their families, each unique in their own way.

Jason Spohn, Senior Manager of Business Development

spohn family time

How do you utilize AdAction’s flexible PTO and work-from-home policy?

When I first met with Brian [CEO] five years ago about working for AdAction as Denver employee number five, the flexible PTO policy was a huge selling point. As a father of two young kids, being able to take them and/or pick up from school, practices, sporting events, etc. is a major perk. Since working at AdAction, I have not missed one of my kids’ event, school, sports, or otherwise. It means a lot to me, and it means even more to my family.

Is there a specific instance that AdAction was accommodating with your work-life balance scheduling?

There are honestly too many to mention, but I will share one of the more unpleasant times for me, which was when I severely broke my leg last spring. I had a couple of surgeries and could not put any weight on my leg for close to six months. During that time, I worked from home because office life on crutches was not ideal. Never once during my absence was it an issue that I was working from home, and everyone in the office was overly accommodating.

How would you define the culture around work-life balance at AdAction?

Amazing! Everyone from the “fresh-out-of-college 20 somethings” to the old guys like me in their mid-40s bust their butt to make this place successful. We all work hard and are disciplined enough not to take advantage of the flexibility. I think I can speak for everyone in the office when I say how refreshing it is to have the ability to be successful at work while maintaining a quality life outside the office. It truly is the best of both worlds!

Andy Norwood, Vice President of Business Development

norwood family time

In what ways does AdAction allow you personally to fulfill work-life balance?

AdAction allows me to create a daily and weekly schedule that works for my family and the company. I’m an early bird — I like to go to the gym, help get the kids ready for school, and be in the office early. In the afternoons, I typically leave a little early to pick up my kids from school and spend some family time together before they go to bed. My favorite weekly routine is picking up my kids from school early on Friday for ice cream.

Why is work-life balance important to you?

Family is everything and the motivation I use to perform at a high level every day at AdAction. The balance allows me to prioritize my life correctly while also being a leader in the company.

What does our company’s emphasis on work-life balance say about AdAction’s culture as a whole?

I believe the work-life balance AdAction offers is extremely unique. This flexibility comes with accountability, which is a core part of the AdAction culture. It really does not matter where you are in the world; we know that if you are a part of AdAction, you are taking care of business.

Sarahbeth Adams, Assistant Controller

sarahbeth family time

AdAction allows you to work fully remotely. How has this benefited your work-life balance?

Working fully remote has allowed me so much flexibility with my daily schedule. For example, instead of a 45-minute commute to work, I can fit in extra time with my family, a morning workout, or a walk with my dog. All mood boosters!

How does your family benefit from your work schedule?

I have two daughters in the 5th and 10th grade. With my flexible work schedule, it’s so much easier to have them involved in extracurricular activities. Working remote allows me to spend time with my daughters and take them to and from all their activities.

Why is work-life balance important to you?

Work-life balance can have so many benefits, such as higher job satisfaction rates and lower levels of stress. Taking my kids to and from school sounds simple, but not having to worry about arranging and scheduling this sort of activity is truly a benefit to working parents like me.

Myles Becker, Senior Manager of Creative Services

becker family time

How do you utilize AdAction’s flexible work-from-home policy?

So, I should preface this by explaining that our family’s life can be hectic and crazy. My wife is a caregiver in the developmentally disabled community. She takes care of these wonderful people in our home, which means her schedule and needs can change at the drop of a hat. Hence, it’s nice that if I need to rework my schedule to take care of “life” stuff, then I can do that by working remotely when the need arises or working at different hours.

Why is this important to you?

It’s important to me because it means I’m able to support my wife, and I don’t have to sacrifice family time or work time. I can make intelligent decisions about when and where I work, and still get everything done that needs to be done.

What does our company’s emphasis on work-life balance say about AdAction’s culture as a whole?

At AdAction, there aren’t any “clock watchers.” You are trusted to make good decisions about your time management and ensure you get your work done. That trust is an integral part of the culture at AdAction. You have empowerment in all aspects of your job, which isn’t something many companies have as part of their core values.

Conor Moloney, Director of Monetization & Publisher Development

moloney family time

How have you utilized our flexible “work-from-wherever” policy?

I frequently take advantage of our “work-from-wherever” policy. Several times a month, this means simply working from home so my wife can have some free time or not have to take all three kids on every errand or appointment. But, over the past year, I’ve leveraged this policy to take extended trips both domestically (California, Wisconsin, Florida) and internationally (Ireland and Germany). “Work from wherever” is especially effective internationally. With the time zone difference, I’m able to visit with family or see sites during the day and work at night (when it is day-time back home).

How does your family benefit from your flexible work schedule?

My flexible work schedule provides everyday conveniences to stay home to watch over the children or meet a worker coming to the house. But it also facilitates more memory-making moments by extending vacations and trips without the confines of being required to be in an office every day.

Why is work-life balance important to you?

Work-life balance is very important to my family and me. I work to live and not the other way around. I sincerely cherish the ability to make the most of the fleeting moments while my children are young. This flexibility is a perk that is hard to quantify but holds a massive value for my peace of mind, stress maintenance, and overall productivity.

Ben Hagener, Director of Client Services

hager famiy time

How do you plan on utilizing AdAction’s flexible “work-from-wherever” policy this year?

We have a few trips to the mountains with extended family each winter/summer. I prefer to work a few days remotely instead of taking the whole week off. I also enjoy working from home around the holidays each year. This flexibility allows me to stay on top of work and be near family and spend time with them in the evenings.

What does the newly defined paternity leave mean to you?

I appreciate the time being defined and breaking it up as I like within the first year. With baby number two on the way, I plan to take two weeks with my wife at home and then take another week to help with the baby while we have extended family visiting later in the summer.

How would you define the culture around work-life balance at AdAction?

We have great flexibility here at AdAction, which is great when you have a young family. Employees can schedule appointments as needed throughout the day and catch up when time allows later in the evening.

Lori Oertli, Senior Accountant

oertli family time

What is your favorite thing about AdAction’s culture in terms of work-life balance?

I work from home and am so grateful. It has allowed me to balance my job and home life with two teenagers! The fact that management is so encouraging in maintaining that balance shows they truly understand the importance of “work hard, play hard.” I believe we all feel empowered because of it!

How have you utilized our flexible “work from wherever” policy?

Last October, my son in college went through a tough time. This policy allowed me to go where he is while continuing my normal work responsibilities. I was extremely grateful for flexibility during a time when he needed me. It meant the world!

What does AdAction’s work-life balance mean to you?

The confidence instilled by management makes me feel valued and respected and makes me take a lot of pride in my work.

Sam Morris, Director of Developer Relations & Monetization

morris family time

How has AdAction been accommodating to your work-life balance?

My wife and I have three boys, ages 5 to 12. When I’m not hustling in the office, I’m rushing to the kids’ school events, sporting activities, or various social outings — we keep busy! At AdAction, I don’t feel a constant pressure to be online at the cost of time with my family. That’s not to say that I’m never on-call; at times, I am, but the AdAction team works in sync with me to help find a healthy balance.

How does your family benefit from your work schedule?

For one, I get to spend time with my wife and kids! I can be there more often when needed to help with homework, take out the trash, or defend my Mario Kart family champion status.

What is your favorite thing about AdAction’s culture in terms of work-life balance?

As a team and from the leadership, they care about employee well-being and personal growth. They understand each of us has personal lives that when in balance with work, leads to a happier, more productive, and longer retained team member.

Family Time Is Important to Balance

Offering our team the freedom to establish their work-life balance is one of our company culture building blocks. No matter your department or title, you are given the ability to define balance. That could mean leaving the office early, working fully remotely, or working from another part of the world. If you’re interested in learning more about how our team makes the most of our rewarding culture, check out our open positions, visit our Careers page!


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