AdAction Earns Adjust Top Partner in Partner Benchmarks Report

adjust top partner

Earning industry recognition demonstrates AdAction’s commitment to the mobile ecosystem. We recently earned Adjust Top Partner designation in the Adjust Partner Benchmarks report. Here’s what that means. 

What Is the Adjust Partner Benchmarks Report?

The Adjust Partner Benchmarks report offers a guide to network, market, and vertical performance. The company based the report on data from the first half of 2021, covering 272 networks as well as over six million paid installs, and 160 billion app opens for 5,460 apps. Read about the methodology here

The report, created for mobile app marketers, highlights networks that can support buying strategies for the right channel mix. 

The interactive tool allows you to look by region, vertical, and platform to determine what media sources and partners are hitting the mark. 

AdAction achieved the status of an Adjust Top Partner, ranking as the number 15 top network for global advertisers for iOS and Android. Additionally, we ranked:

  • 7 for Latin America, all verticals, all platforms
  • 9 for all regions food and drink, all platforms
  • 6 all regions gaming, all platforms
  • 14 North America gaming, all platforms.
  • 14 North America gaming, Android.
  • 11 North America gaming, iOS.
  • 12 Latin America gaming, all platforms.
  • 8 Latin America gaming, Android.
  • 10 Latin America gaming, iOS.

That designation means that our mobile marketing campaigns and Reward Platform deliver on user acquisition goals for apps!

Key Findings from the Study

The study examines how the mobile app economy is thriving globally. It also delivers insights on trends in gaming, e-commerce, and short-form video. Additionally, it includes an analysis of the pandemic’s impact on food delivery app adoption. 

The report is full of findings important to all those in the mobile marketing world.

App Economies Are Growing; What Influences that Differs by Region

If you’re seeking to scale to a new geo, then this information is critical. What fuels growth is different across the globe. Mobile gaming is key in APAC, while Turkey’s explosion of downloads is non-gaming. Rather, the fastest-growing verticals are health and fitness, business, and education.

Gaming Remains Largest User Acquisition-Driven Category

Gaming app downloads represent 25% of total iOS installs and 21% for Android. This category continues to rake in the revenue and accounts for 50% of total industry ad spend. APAC has the highest portion with 64%. In North America, it’s 57%, followed by EMEA at 27%.

Southeast Asia Is Leader in M-Commerce Growth

The study reports that Southeast Asia is outpacing China and India in digital retail share. M-commerce acquired over 70 million online users during the pandemic in the region. The first half of 2021 shows no slowing, up 18% thus far.

Food Delivery Apps Still Thriving

Adoption of food delivery apps isn’t changing in 2021, after the influx of users in 2020. Consumers appreciate the convenience, with expectations of earning $28 billion in the U.S. this year. 

However, the market is diversifying with more apps entering the market to get their share of this booming vertical.

Social Media’s New Growth Marker Is Short-Form Video

The final finding of the report reveals that short-form video is the new driving force for social media. TikTok, Instagram Reels, and others are feeding consumer desire here. TikTok is the leader, capturing 52 minutes of a user’s watch time daily. The platform’s recent integration with Shopify should translate to even more engagement and revenue.

AdAction, an Industry Leader

We are proud to make the Adjust Top Partner list. It reflects our goals to deliver performance-based marketing opportunities to our clients, so they can acquire new users, retain current ones, and generate more revenue. We do this by offering flexible campaign options and exclusive inventory with top publishers. Our team of mobile app experts drives results for apps no matter your UA goals. 

Check out the complete report and insights.

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