Should I Use an Advertising Partner for My App Goals?

Using an Advertising Partner for App Goals |

As a mobile app marketer, you have clear directives on your app goals. They can vary and change depending on a range of factors. UA (user acquisition), improved category ranking, and retention are often key drivers. So, how are you meeting those goals now? 

If there are gaps in what you can do around volume, scale, or access, it’s time to consider working with a mobile app advertising partner.

A Performance-Based Platform Is a Critical Distinction

There are many options in selecting a partner to support app goals. The offerings aren’t equal in their capabilities or models. If you want to maximize your budget, look for a performance-based platform. 

In many cases, your ad spend has nothing to do with the ad’s performance. You’re more likely to achieve positive ROAS (return on ad spend) when performance is a factor.

Offerwalls Are a Critical Ad Type for Mobile App Marketing

The advantages of using offerwalls in mobile app marketing are many. They can deliver many different results that align with your goals. They reward users for engagement and play a role in UA. 

Offerwalls are user-initiated, so they don’t look or feel like an ad to the user. Using them enables benefits, including:

  • They’re cost-effective and available for multiple cost models. 
  • They can drive more IAPs (in-app purchases), as reward ad interaction can increase IAPs by 10-14 times
  • Rewarding users keeps them on the app longer.
  • You can increase seasonal bids to correlate with traffic peaks for your app category.
  • Testing different offerwall campaigns lets you gather data on the most appealing events to users.
  • Offerwalls are diverse and can work for any app category, not just gaming. 
  • You can regularly refresh your offerwall content to make it more relevant.

Advantages like these are sure to be in line with your app goals. They’ll help you acquire, engage, and retain users, all while not even looking like an ad!

The Right Advertising Partner Has the Volume to Carry Bursts

Burst campaigns, a type of rewarded advertising, involve a short, concentrated spend on keywords or categories. They help you increase downloads and often provide organic lift on category ranking, resulting in more downloads. 

However, not all advertising partners have the volume to execute a well-designed burst campaign. If it’s a tactic that can satisfy your objectives, you’ll need to ask a network what it can deliver. For example, we regularly launch these campaigns for apps and have provided over 50,000 installs in one day.

CPE and CPI Campaigns for Android and iOS

Should I Use an Advertising Partner for My App Goals?

Two other important reward campaign types are CPI (cost per install) and CPE (cost per engagement). Using both is essential to app success in UA, retention, and engagement. A few vital pieces must be in place for an advertising partner to fulfill your needs.

  • Not all networks can offer these campaigns for iOS. Many platforms only have in-app inventory for these, which prevents them from providing campaigns on iOS. AdAction is one of the only platforms to offer this. 
  • CPE and CPI campaigns must be scalable and impact unique users you may otherwise not be able to reach. That needs to include O&O (owned and operated) and vetted partners for placements. Additionally, you’ll need your partner to have access to users in many different countries. 

Your partner should have options for top, middle, and deep funnel CPEs because each segment is different in what you want a user to do. For example, a top-funnel CPE incentivizes someone to register in the app. A deep-funnel CPE could involve user retention tactics.

Not All Advertising Platforms Have Experts to Guide Your App Goals

While the product itself may check all the boxes, you’ll be in a better place to meet goals with experts at your disposal. Companies with these team members have years of industry experience, understand the app advertising ecosystem, and deliver recommendations across many types of advertising. 

You’ll receive a customized media plan, not a template. These will coincide with your goals and your specific category. 

AdAction Is a Strong Advertising Partner for Apps

AdAction’s performance-based platform, broad ad unit options, access to various users, and more make us an ideal advertising partner. Our mobile app marketing experts act as consultants to understand your goals and help you meet them. 

Learn more about what we do by downloading, A Complete Guide to AdAction Solutions today.

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