AdAction Earns 7 Rankings on AppsFlyer Performance Index 15

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AdAction Earns 7 Rankings on AppsFlyer Performance Index 15

AdAction ranks once again on the AppsFlyer Performance Index 15! 

AppsFlyer’s Performance Index 15 covers industry updates across the first half of 2022. The AppsFlyer Performance Index offers rankings in three categories—SKAN, Retention, and Remarketing. 

AdAction AppsFlyer Performance Index 15 Rankings

AdAction is thrilled to continue our streak of placements on the Performance Index. All rankings were on the Retention Index.

  • North America Android Non-Gaming Life & Culture: 15 (Power) and 11 (Volume)
  • Global iOS All Categories: 13 (Power) and 13 (Volume)
  • North America iOS Gaming Casual Group: 13 (Power) and 13 (Volume)
  • North America iOS Gaming Social Casino: 11 (Power) and 10 (Volume)
  • Global iOS Non-Gaming All Categories: 12 (Power) and 12 (Volume)
  • North America iOS Non-Gaming Life & Culture: 13 (Power) and 13 (Volume)
  • Western Europe iOS Non-Gaming Utility Group: 5 (Power) and 5 (Volume)
For the “Traditional Index,” which included Android and iOS consenting users, the calculations involved 27 billion app installs, 500 media sources, and 19,000 apps. For the SKAN index, the data consisted of 450 million postbacks, 2400 apps, and 45 media sources. For the Retention Index, there are rankings for power and volume.


AdAction: AppsFlyer Ranked Since 2016

The AdAction team is proud to have been listed consistently on the AppsFlyer Performance Index for the seventh consecutive year!

This seven-year achievement truly speaks to AdAction’s core goal to deliver high-quality users in scale to customers all around the world. In the last nine years since our inception, we’ve driven over 300 million installs for hundreds of apps across multiple app verticals and international geos.

The AppsFlyer Indexes are extremely valuable in the industry. They show a platform’s ability to drive quality of app users for mobile app marketers. It’s certainly the ‘gold standard’ in the industry. It’s a testament to our growth mindset that includes increasing options for mobile app marketers and developers while sustaining a customer-focused mentality.
Advertise and Monetize App, Get More Users, Get More Installs | AdAction
Brian Fox
CEO and Founder

AppsFlyer Performance Index Key Findings

Now, let’s review some key findings from the 2022 AppsFlyer Index. Along with demonstrating the landscape of app marketing, it also provided some key insights into the ecosystem. Such trending topics include the consequences of Apple’s privacy changes, economic downturns, post-COVID normalization of app usage, and more.

Mini Ecosystems Are Emerging

The consequences of ATT (app tracking transparency) continue to impact app marketers and media companies. iOS has two different worlds now. Additionally, gaming and non-gaming are two very distinct realms. As a result, these environments operate differently and have unique challenges.

ATT has put Meta in a compromising position, losing a significant share of iOS installs. Google did, as well. The big difference is that Meta’s main assets are apps. iOS is secondary to Google behind Android and isn’t app-centric but search.

Other Factors Influence the Market

In addition to economic uncertainty and downturns, the first half of 2022 had more influences. First, there has been some normalization after years of peaks in installs and revenue in a post-COVID world. Second, the war in Ukraine led to the suspension of activities in Russia for Google, Meta, and TikTok.

Google Ads and Meta Ads Lose Ground, Apple Search Ads Gained

In the aftermath of the aspects noted above, both Google Ads and Meta Ads lost market share. Meta still ranked at the top on the SKAN index but still had big hits from ATT.

Conversely, Apple Search Ads had gains, tripling its market share since the first half of 2020. They are now the number one media source for iOS.

Explore all the rankings and trends by downloading the AppsFlyer Performance Index 15. For more information on working with our network, connect with our experts today.

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