Appsverse Leverages AdAction’s Unique Traffic Sources to Scale Internationally

Appsverse Partners with AdAction to Scale |

In the world of mobile app marketing, there’s often the question of what’s behind the curtain. How do platforms and technology really work to drive high volume traffic and engagement to deliver loyal users? We’re opening the curtain by showcasing our client Appsverse and how they’ve been able to leverage unique traffic sources to scale internationally.

In this conversation, Director of Marketing for Appsverse, Trevor Merz, shared his company’s goals and the partnership with AdAction. Appsverse provides apps for utility, privacy, and security. It’s a global company with a worldwide audience.

How Does Appsverse Define a Good User?

Merz answered, “Someone that uses the app and engages. Month over month, they don’t churn and leave positive user reviews.”

Getting this ideal user can be challenging in competitive categories. The company experiences gains and successes regularly by working with AdAction, a relationship that now spans over five years.

It’s Not a Transactional Relationship

Merz admits that some relationships with vendors are very transactional, or salespeople push offers that aren’t a good fit. 

That’s not the case with AdAction. “It’s always been friendly, and I know they have my best interest at heart. Every day I talk to AdAction, it feels like my birthday! It’s collaborative. I feel heard, and they always have strategic recommendations.” 

Scaling Is a Challenge; Data Is the Answer

Merz notes that scaling is a challenge with traditional self-attributing platforms. “It’s expensive, but AdAction keeps our costs low and finds users that retain at the same level or better.”

Merz declares himself a “data-driven guy.” He prefers to make decisions this way. AdAction delivers this critical information regularly, allowing them to test and scale internationally on both Android and iOS. “We can see how much volume is available and figure out the pockets of good data. It helps us grow while we optimize.”

Installs Are Great, But Engagement Must Follow

Merz understands that an install is only the beginning. “Install volume is great, but without the engagement piece, installs don’t matter. When we have a burst of traffic, we can connect the dots to engagement.

Looking to the Future

Appsverse is developing new products across categories. Merz looks forward to testing traffic with the apps and optimizing to it. Innovation like this is on his mind, and he ended with this advice, “Stay collaborative, keep asking questions, and test.”

Watch Merz’s full story by playing the video.

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