Why It’s Important to Make Time for ASO in Your UA Strategy

ASO plays a vital role in whether people download your app from the campaign and, therefore, your rank. | ASO and Rank Management | AdAction.com

App Store Optimization with AdAction

UA (user acquisition) drives mobile app marketing and budgets. Acquiring new users is paramount to improving revenue, so you concentrate your UA strategy on campaigns for installs and engagement. Those are critical components, but you might be neglecting ASO (app store optimization). ASO plays a vital role in whether people download your app from the campaign and, therefore, your rank. 

Let’s look at how to integrate ASO into your UA strategy for the best returns.

The Link Between App Store Optimization and UA

There are several ways ASO and UA intersect, in both paid campaigns and the organic uplift that can follow, leading to higher rankings.

ASO and User Acquisition Paid Campaigns

The paid ads you deploy all lead users to your profile page on the Apple App Store or Google Play. What you’ve teased in your ad should be prominent here. With Apple, you can create CPPs (custom profile pages) for more segmented campaigns, so use this to your advantage. For CPI (cost per install) and CPE (cost per engagement) tactics, profile page optimization should include:

  • Compelling descriptions that express the value of the app to your audience.
  • Vivid screenshots highlighting the features and user experience (high-quality images can increase install rates by 35%!).
  • Short video clips to further promote the app’s capabilities. 
  • A large volume of reviews 

For those campaigns leading users to the CPP, ensure that the content is relevant to that demographic, so it appears personalized.

ASO and Keyword Search Ads

ASO also has a lot to do with keywords. Apple has a field for this, while Google indexes description fields. You’ll need to adjust your approach based on the store. Keyword campaigns, usually bursts with concentrated spending on terms for a short duration, will drive UA. Your profiles need to, of course, include those keywords. The more long tail they are, the better, because they will be very specific to the searcher.

ASO and Organic Uplift

The consequence of UA campaigns is an increase in total users, which can drive up your rank on the charts. The higher you go, the more visible your app is to users, creating organic uplift

What’s so great about organic uplift? The users you acquire may be of higher quality since they are organic, which could lead to longer retention and lifetime value. With more downloads also comes the opportunity to increase your category rank.

How to Prioritize ASO in Your UA Strategy

With such a connection between ASO and UA, you’ll want to map out your marketing plans to keep them closely aligned. Every time you launch a new UA campaign, you should revisit your app store profiles and optimize them based on that specific tactic. 

Further, when you realize organic uplift, pay attention to what your new organic users do first. Did they take an action outlined in your profile that you consider an engagement (e.g., create an account, start a free trial, etc.)? If you can find a correlation, those insights can help you revamp your UA strategy, so your campaigns hit on user needs and wants. 

Keep collecting data, optimizing, and trying new campaigns with your mobile app for the best results.

Build a Strong UA Strategy and ASO Plan with AdAction

Connecting your UA strategy to ASO is critical for you to sustain growth and momentum. They are interlinked, and how you deploy mobile app marketing should consider this connection. Our experts can help you do that. Contact us today to talk about building a strong strategy and plan.

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