How CPI Campaigns Help Your App Rank Better

How CPI Campaigns Improve App Ranking |

The drive to improve app rank is often a priority for mobile app marketers. Much of the time, the strategy centers around ASO (app store optimization). While ASO is important, there’s another tactic that supports rank management and UA (user acquisition). CPI (cost per install) campaigns are integral to rising in the charts. Find out why!

What Are CPI Campaigns, and Why Do They Matter?

With CPI campaigns, you design ads that display across a variety of mediums with the goal of acquiring new users. Driving a high volume of installs is the main objective. You only pay after the installation. 

Their importance relates to the boost of downloads your app receives. Since it’s quantity over quality, some installs may not turn into longtime customers. However, you achieve the secondary result of increasing your category rank in app stores. From this, you can also experience organic uplift. This phenomenon occurs when app searchers look at the charts and find your app. The UA is organic and doesn’t cost you anything.

Where Can You Place CPI Campaigns?

You can launch CPI ads across a variety of channels. The quality of those channels and their ability to reach unique users is critical. It’s not something that every network can offer. Depending on your category, audience, location, and other factors you likely require options. In working with an advertising partner, be sure to clarify placement opportunities.

How to Build a CPI Campaign Strategy to Improve App Rank

There are several tactics available to leverage CPIs for app ranking. 

Keyword Campaigns

First is a keyword campaign. In this model, you want to achieve the highest ranking for the keyword. An example from our customer stories is ranking for “slots,” which is a very competitive keyword. To achieve this, we deployed a CPI campaign specific to iOS using an interstitial. 

The results over eight days included a jump in rank by 20 positions in the overall rank and a number two rank for the keyword. Downloads for the period totaled over 190,000.

A key reason for the app’s success was that users searching have high intent. They are actively looking for an app to fulfill a need. That could relate to almost any category—gaming, utility, shopping, finance, etc. You’re much more likely to acquire high-quality users with this strategy.

CPIs with CPE Content

Another way to execute CPIs is to include CPE (cost per engagement) messaging. The campaign still drives users to app profiles to deliver the download. You’ll pay for the install but attempt to guide the user further down the funnel. 


  • Install and complete onboarding to unlock this content.
  • Install, open, and start a free account. 
  • Download and register your account to create your first playlist. 

A good practice to consider with this approach is to test out new events in your ads continually. Small adjustments could deliver the installs and engagement you want.

How CPI Campaigns Improve App Ranking |

CPIs and CPPs

Another aspect of CPI campaigns is the app profile page that users land on after the click. iOS 15 introduced CPPs (custom product pages). You can create up to 35 CPPs to fit specific segments of your target audience. This enables a new class of personalization that can make CPIs more ROAS (return on ad spend) positive.

Looking for more in-app subscriptions for your app? Check out our guide here.

For example, let’s take financial apps. They are soaring in popularity, and lots of demographics use them. Most of the time, those users have different goals and needs. 

One segment could be a young demographic. They are at the beginning of their financial journey and may lack financial literacy. 

Another segment could be professionals nearing retirement age that want better control over investing.

Your CPI ads will have distinct messaging for each, and your CPP can, as well. Knowing your users and what matters to them is key to CPI success. The more downloads you get, the higher your app charts.

Boost Your App Ranking with CPI Models That Deliver

If you want to improve app rank, CPIs are an easy, cost-effective way to do it. Whether you’re looking to bump up visibility during a specific event or maintain it, we can help. Our mobile app marketing experts can deliver a customized strategy to reach your goals. With extensive channels for reach and targeting, you’ll experience more downloads and a higher chart position.

To learn more, contact us today.

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