2020 Holiday Shopping Guide for Mobile App Marketers

2020 Holiday Shopping Guide for Mobile App Marketers

Mobile app marketers face a new landscape for holiday shopping this year. With so many changes to how consumers shop, you may be rethinking your user acquisition (UA) campaigns. However, there are so many opportunities for you to become an app of choice for shoppers. We’re breaking down everything mobile app marketers need to know with our 2020 Holiday Shopping Guide.


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Holiday Shopping Looks Very Different in 2020

Holiday shopping looks very different in 2020, as has just about everything else since the pandemic began. With eCommerce and alternatives to in-store shopping like BOPIS (buy online pick-up in-store), the season brings new ideas around how to acquire and keep users on your app.

How Will Attract Capture Mobile App Shoppers?

There’s a lot to consider for holiday shopping mobile app marketing. It will require agility and the ability to adapt quickly. The shopping environment changed, as shoppers shift to online and apps. How will you capture this volume?

AdAction Can Help

With customized strategies from AdAction, we can help. We have a successful track record of driving incremental and new shopping app downloads and purchases, with CPE and CPA campaigns. Additionally, we can boost app store visibility through category and keyword rank management. Or try something outside the norm with performance-based social media influencer marketing.

Use this guide to understand the predictions and trends. Then consider how you can apply them to your app.

Get the eBook Today

In the eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • The current landscape of app usage for shopping
  • How to make your mobile app more attractive to holiday shoppers
  • Hot predictions
  • Expected trends and quick tips to take advantage of these

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