How to Increase App Store Conversion Rates

app store conversion rates

Getting users to your app store profiles is only half of the equation. Getting them to download your app is what really counts. So, how can you increase app store conversion rates? Is there a magic formula? 

Not exactly; however, there are best practices to increase app store conversions. There are two facets to working toward improving this rate. First are the campaigns you’re launching for user acquisition (UA) that drive people to the app stores. Second is your app’s profile on the app store and how appealing it is for prospective users.

UA Campaign Messaging

No matter what type of app advertising you deploy, it all has messaging. It should be persuasive, relevant, accurate, and actionable. 

What are you saying that’s going to entice the consumer to install? There are many angles to address this, which typically leads to testing and experimenting with messaging. Here are a few examples from our clients:

  • A well-known music app uses language like “stream a podcast” to acquire users. It’s very actionable but doesn’t pressure the user to make any kind of commitment. 
  • For gaming categories, a focus on FOMO (fear of missing out) is a good strategy. In this type of copy, capture some stat about your app, such as millions of players, voted number one gaming app, or something addressing your high app rating. 
  • For VPN customers, we’ve conducted lots of messaging tests. Our findings demonstrate that the most successful CPI (cost per install) copy campaigns included “install, open, and start a free account.” 

UA Tactics: Rewarded Traffic Has Higher Conversions

One thing that is true across the board with app store conversion rates is that rewarded traffic increases it. This may seem obvious, but it’s worth discussing, as not every app uses rewarded advertising. However, it just makes sense in conversion rate optimization. If the user installs, you give them a reward. That could be virtual currency, a free trial, upgrades, discounts, or other offers. 

Rewarded advertising typically drives high volume but is cost-effective. In considering the approach and how it can impact conversions, keep these things in mind:

Work with a mobile app marketing partner that provides opt-in rewarded traffic, which means the user chooses to interact. 

  • Ensure there’s a good media mix on the rewarded platforms you use.
  • Select platforms that include exclusive and incremental options for placement. 
  • Find a platform that provides rewarded campaigns for both iOS and Android (not all do!). 

When positioning UA campaigns, always keep in mind that your ad needs to align with your app store profile. You don’t want users to have an expectation from the ad that you can’t deliver on when they click to your app.

The Role of the App Profile in Conversions

With the right ad mix, you will see more traffic to your app store profiles. That means you need to think about app store optimization (ASO). App profiles have lots of important sections, but the three that have the most bearing on conversions are:

The Description

This is where users learn about the value of your app. It’s your pitch to a user, and those that succeed with a conversion include:

  • Use benefit-driven statements, not a list of features.
  • Be specific about how the app solves challenges or creates value for a user regularly.
  • Include “social proof,” including the number of users, awards, and industry reviews. 
  • Make the description easy to scan with bullets and spacing. 
  • Demonstrate what makes the app unique compared to competitors, such as personalized notifications or impactful features like augmented reality. 


You also get to tell a story with the visuals you choose. They should capture the user experience, providing a glimpse of what they can expect. Make sure they aren’t too busy or have too much text. You want the user to understand quickly, so they won’t hesitate to download.


Your app’s reviews are crucial to conversions. You’ll want to do all you can to get more reviews and improve your app rating. It’s also a good idea to respond to as many ratings as possible, especially if they were negative so that you can offer context.

Consumers seek out elements that show an app’s credibility and reliability. Your app’s rating is the best way for them to see this in a non-bias way.

A Quick Review of Improving App Store Conversions

steps to improve app conversions

Increase App Store Conversions with AdAction

Our mobile app marketing experts can customize campaigns that drive conversions. We understand the landscape, have a variety of advertising options, and deliver data that measures performance. Contact our team today to learn more.

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