Offerwall Best Practices: Optimizing Offers to Boost Monetization

offerwall best practices

Engagement is key to monetization. Offerwalls support both. Your player may be on her way to a new level but finds she’s low on currency. To keep her in the game, an offerwall appears. If the player completes the task, she gets the reward. It’s not a disruption but a way to maintain engagement. To cultivate this kind of experience, it’s critical to keep offerwall best practices in mind.

We’re sharing our insight and experience to help you strengthen your offerwall with improved engagement and performance.

The Evolution of the Offerwall

Offerwalls have been around for over a decade. In this time, there’s been evolution and maturity. In the beginning, offerwalls primarily focused on offers to install other apps. Now, there are many more options. Offerwalls can promote sign-ups for subscriptions, prompt users to complete an in-app engagement, or deliver rewarded purchases opportunities. 

The types of apps using offerwalls are more diverse, as well. The tactic can support any free to play app that uses microtransactions to structure gameplay. Offerwalls are also branching out from just games. Entertainment, lifestyle, music, dating, and social apps are finding monetization success with offerwalls. 

The Benefits of Offerwalls

Before we discuss best practices, here’s a recap of offerwall benefits.

  • Generate more ad revenue: Apps using offerwalls typically have a much higher eCPM (effective cost per mille) than those that use rewarded video alone. 
  • Collect more monetized players: Offerwalls are an alternative to monetize users who don’t complete IAPs (in-app purchases). Plus, once they engage with reward ads, they then become much likelier to make an IAP.
  • Enhance the user experience: Offerwalls are customizable for your audience. Plus, because it doesn’t disrupt flow, users don’t see it as an “ad.”
  • Increase retention: Keep your most devoted users engaged by providing a way to earn virtual currency and continue playing.
  • Receive earnings without fees: Offerwall revenue isn’t subject to platform fees. If a user buys virtual coins via an offerwall, developers receive the full amount.  

To reap these benefits, you’ll need to ensure you optimize your offerwall.

Best Practices for Offerwalls

offerwall examples

Whether you’re using offerwalls now or are just beginning your journey, navigating the path to optimization isn’t without challenges. Implement these best practices for optimal results.

Brand your offerwall

Make sure your offerwall has the same branding as your app. If the offerwall reflects the app’s look and feel, users recognize it as part of the app experience, not an ad.

Deliver offers when players run out of currency

Offerwalls are all about timing. When you put an offer in front of someone at the right time, you’ll see more activity. Users will welcome a way to earn more currency so they can continue to play.

Segment your users

Different users require different offerwalls. To be the most relevant, you need to align the offer with the user profile. There are many ways to segment users:

  • Payers and non-payers
  • Active and inactive users
  • New and returning users
  • Specific behaviors and actions
  • Geographically

In each of these categories, you can customize messages. It allows you to tailor the offer better. Here are some scenarios:

  • Users in different countries have various in-game purchasing stats. It makes more sense to push these offers where you have stronger numbers.
  • Presenting new users with an offerwall may be too premature. You may want to hold these for those returning.

Create urgency around offers

Offerwalls often feature limited-time currency sales. Players can get more coins for less. If you put a short time frame around these promotions, you may incentivize users to engage.

Display the reward delivery

Once the user completes the task, they receive the award. Make this clear with a graphic notification. Otherwise, the user may experience confusion around where the reward is and could create a negative experience.

Keep content fresh

Updating your offerwall with new content can boost engagement. For users that spend a lot of time on your app, they’ll respond better to content that’s new. 

Test different values

You should strategize around reward values. First, more meaningful tasks, like creating a profile, should provide a more substantial incentive. Second, play with the number to see what the “sweet spot” is. You can determine this with A/B testing. You want the reward to be enough for the user to continue in the game but not so large that it prevents more offerwall triggers.

Ensure you can still use CPI and CPE campaigns

Some offerwall providers can no longer support CPI (cost per install) and CPE (cost per engagement) campaigns on iOS. That limitation is due to certain App Store guidelines. However, there are still platforms, like AdAction’s, that can support these types of campaigns. If either CPI or CPE are the pricing models you favor, you may need to reevaluate your offerwall partner. 

Launch monthly promo specials

Based on your data, you know when you have peak usage. Find those peaks (weekends, holidays, etc.) and run monthly specials. This tactic is a form of live ops wherein you offer a substantially larger reward to attract users.

These specials can be part of your offerwall store, but you should also communicate them via pop-ups and push notifications. Be clear with your offer on what the user gets and that it’s only for a limited time. This practice could boost traffic.

Use multiple placements

Parking offerwalls in your store means not many of your players will see them. Store visits mainly come from payers. Offerwalls are a means to monetize non-payers, so they need to be in multiple places within the app.

Make your CTAs visible

offerwall CTAs

To get users to click, you’ll need a strong CTA (call to action) button. It should be visible and easy to find. The button’s copy should also be the action for them to take—complete, view, buy, claim, etc. This is another area to employ A/B testing to see which has the highest engagement rate.

Reserve the most valuable virtual currency for offerwalls

Games often have many types of virtual currency with varying values. Since an offerwall requires more user engagement than other rewarded ad formats, it makes sense that what a user receives be “more” valuable.

Sell the value of offerwall opt-ins

Users have to choose to see your offerwalls. Don’t expect them to understand the value. Provide them with context and highlight the benefit. The value is that they can get free rewards. Language should be clear— “Earn Free Tokens.” Ensure you have sufficient support

There will be times that users need support relating to offerwalls. Those who engage with them may have questions or concerns. Having support on hand for these users is critical to ensuring you retain and continue to monetize them.

Ready to Optimize Your Offerwalls?

With these offerwall best practices, you can see growth in monetization and increase user retention. Learn more about how we can help by connecting with our offerwall experts today.

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