The 5 Best Places to Put an Offerwall in Your Midcore Mobile Game

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The 5 Best Places to Put an Offerwall in Your Midcore Mobile Game

Find out why offerwalls are a great fit for midcore games and where to place them for the best results

Your player is deep into building their personal kingdom when they realize that they’re just shy of the resources they need to finish those upgraded battlements they’ve wanted all week. Maybe they’re a non-paying player, or maybe they have paid before but aren’t in the mood to spend at the moment. Either way, midcore mobile game publishers already know that an offerwall is a great way to keep their most active players engaged and contributing to their bottom line.

But as your player stares longingly at that battlement upgrade, where exactly should you put an offerwall to make them most likely to convert? That’s what this article intends to answer, but before we get to the specifics, let’s talk about what makes offerwalls so well suited to this kind of game.

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Why do offerwalls work so well for midcore mobile games?

Midcore games are inherently more demanding to play than casual or hypercasual games, both in terms of the time investment and the skill required to enjoy them. Players who are willing to put in the effort are rewarded with deep gameplay experiences that support multiple forms of potential monetization, often with several simultaneous objectives to pursue and currencies to accumulate. Offerwalls give players who are looking for faster ways to advance in their favorite games a range of fresh and tempting options, including potential shortcuts to those objectives and opportunities to unlock more in-game currency quickly.

That deep synergy between game mechanics and monetization helps put midcore far in the lead in terms of eCPMs, with an average of $980 compared to $300 for casual games and $380 for casino games. It’s easy to see why at least a fifth of midcore and hardcore publishers use offerwalls in their games.

If you’re looking for the right partner to put the proven power of an offerwall to work for your monetization needs, AdAction is ready to help. AdGem, our leading Reward Monetization Marketplace, links advertisers with engaged audiences all around the world through a best-in-class native ad experience. Schedule a call with our team today to find out more.

5 of the best offerwall placements for any midcore game

Want to build an offerwall experience into your next game or improve your existing game’s revenue with a new monetization strategy? Here’s where to set it up first.

Right where players need resources

Let’s go back to that player who is just short of upgrading their battlements. They’re looking back and forth from their currency to the upgrade button and trying to work out a way to get what they want without spending extra time or money. They’re ready to engage with rewarded offers right in that moment, and your game’s UX should put as little friction between that impulse and your offerwall as possible. Rewarded ads that are placed directly in the context of a game loop generate eCPMs 2.5 times higher than those placed in non-gameplay menus. Jurassic World Alive has taken advantage of this placement with a prominent offerwall button right on its main map, helping it stand out as the most profitable contender to Pokemon Go’s AR gaming throne.

In your store

Similar to placing your offerwall directly within the gameplay loop, connecting it to your in-game store is another powerful way to drive engagement. Players who are perusing your in-game store are likely doing so with the intention to buy — or are at least ready to be convinced to buy — and your offerwall gives them a boost toward the resources and unlocks they’re considering. Compared to working an offerwall directly into your gameplay loop, players visiting the store are at a state of relative rest and are more likely to be receptive to installing new games, taking surveys or otherwise capitalizing on the promotions in your offerwall.

In interstitial slots

While interstitial slots are commonly treated as their own separate ad category from offerwalls, the two can also work together. Showing players a preview of some of the kinds of promotions they could take advantage of in your offerwall as a brief interstitial advertisement will keep your offers top of mind; even if users don’t convert immediately, they’ll remember there’s some free currency with their name on it thanks to your quick advertisement.

In the browser

Some of the best engagement opportunities for offerwalls in midcore games are naturally cross-promotional, with offers leading players to install and reach certain milestones in other games to get rewards in the games they’re already playing. Unfortunately, certain app ecosystems restrict this kind of direct, in-game collaboration — but if your offerwall lives in a browser, those restrictions don’t apply. It takes some extra effort to make sure browser-based offerwalls still look and feel like part of your game, but the additional revenue potential and cross-platform readiness make it very much worthwhile.

Wherever and however you want (with an API)

Intrigued by the idea of monetizing your game with unique offers, but want some additional ways to integrate them beyond the offerwall itself? Choose a monetization partner with an API that lets developers take direct control of what is presented, where, and how. It takes more technical effort to get working than simply integrating an existing offerwall product, but it means you get to define exactly what your players see, all while your monetization partners handle the backend details of tracking who should be rewarded and when.

If you’re ready to implement an offerwall into your midcore game, we’re here to help. Our non-intrusive ad unit supports everything from top-funnel events like registration to deep-engagement events such as paid subscriptions and purchases, and we’re ready to support your monetization goals with campaign types including CPI, CPE, CPA, and CPC across Android and iOS. Set up a meeting with us today to learn more.

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