The 4 Best Places to Put an Offerwall in Your Sports & Racing Mobile Game

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The 4 Best Places to Put an Offerwall in Your Sports & Racing Mobile Game

Offerwalls monetize players at both ends of the investment spectrum

Sports and racing games appeal both to the completionist and to the adrenaline addict. These games challenge players to collect all the pieces they can —athlete cards, engines, and so on — to craft the perfect machine, whether that’s metaphorical (players on the pitch) or literal (cars on the road), and to guide that machine in competition. In the process, these games tap into some of their players’ most beloved hobbies and encourage meaningful, extended engagement.

Highly engaged players are good for your game’s overall health, no matter the level to which they’re willing to make a financial investment in their fun. Even though only around 5.2% of mobile app users make in-app purchases, but the remaining 94.8% can still contribute to revenue KPIs through the offerwall. Making sure players interact with your offerwall takes more than simply providing worthwhile deals — it’s about meeting players when and where they’re ready to follow through on those opportunities. These are the four best placements for offerwalls in your sports or racing mobile game.

Why Sports & Racing Games Benefit from Offerwalls

Offerwalls have proven their effectiveness since the early days of mobile app monetization. They can surprise players with their value propositions, offer progression through rare or hard-to-earn in-game resources, and tap into a player’s sense of urgency by making the offers available for a limited time. But they’re also popular because they meet players where they are. Players get to choose how much time and effort they put into the offerwall, and they’re rewarded with special bonuses or additional resources. Offerwalls are integral to the play experience for a significant portion of the mobile gaming population.

Sports and racing games target players who are dedicated to collecting and customizing. Whether it’s opening another pack hoping to get the right forward for your starting lineup, or buying a new nitrous upgrade for that mid-race boost, these players get a deep sense of satisfaction from tuning their team to perfection. That dedication takes time and effort, and many sports and racing fans would rather rely on luck and perseverance than hand over cash. An offerwall gives them the opportunity to split the difference, getting closer to their goals by pursuing offers on their own terms. 

Sports and racing fans respond well to that kind of player agency. Offerwalls in racing and sports games enjoy an eCPM of $340 — which clobbers the $10.16 average eCPM of rewarded video ads — and an ARPDAU of $0.04. If you’re ready to put those numbers to work in your favor, AdAction is here to help. AdGem, our Reward Monetization Marketplace, can connect advertisers with your engaged and motivated players through a seamless, unintrusive ad experience. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

Top Offerwall Placements for Sports & Racing Games

Main Menu

Although new players may need to complete a tutorial before they’re given free rein to explore your main menu, they’ll soon enough be tapping around the interface looking for ways to maximize their fun. Veteran players, on the other hand, are likely to log in with the offerwall already in mind. By placing access to that offerwall on the main menu of your game, you’ll give every user who logs in an unimpeded path, upping eyeballs on the offerwall and increasing total engagement.

For a gold standard example of this, look no further than FIFA Mobile: FIFA World Cup, the most downloaded and fourth highest-grossing sports game on Google Play and the top free sports game on iOS. Its offerwall is in plain view on the main menu.

In-Game Store

Intuitive and unobtrusive is the name of the game when it comes to offerwalls. Whenever players are looking for a leg up on the competition or a re-up in premium currency, they’ll head to the in-game store. Even players who prefer not to spend real money present an opportunity for revenue. The offerwall may not have the exact same items listed as the in-game store in the exact same quantities, but those players still have the chance to get some version of what they came for, giving them an easy, opt-in way to engage with your game. 

Need for Speed: No Limits gives players access to the offerwall through its in-game store. It holds the #10 spot for free racing games on Google Play and is the second-highest-grossing racing game in the store. It’s also ranked 53rd on iOS.

After a Race or Match

Victory and defeat in competitive games are often separated by the thinnest of margins. “If my driver had just a little more range on it,” a player may think, or “if my wheels had just a little more traction, I might have won that one.” Providing players with the chance to acquire a boost through the offerwall right when it may let them turn their loss into a win makes it all the more likely they’ll give it a go.

Before a Race or Match

Racing games sometimes gate forward progress behind a resource akin to energy — in Need for Speed: No Limits, it’s called gas. Without it, players can’t compete in new races. They can wait for their gas to refill on its own over time, or they can pay some cash upfront to jump back to a full tank, allowing them to get back on the road. Rather than expecting players low on gas to head back to the in-game store or wherever else you’ve placed your offerwall, you can bring the offerwall to them ahead of a race, making it simple to refuel and keep racing.

On the flip side, giving players the chance to boost their machines or teams before a match can lead them to more wins, in turn making them more likely to return to the offerwall in the future.

Whatever your offerwall needs, we at AdAction are here to help. We’re equipped to boost registration, paid subscriptions, purchases, and more across KPIs such as CPI, CPE, CPA, and CPC. Whether you’re on Android or iOS, we have non-intrusive ads that will work for your game. To learn more, schedule a meeting with us today.

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