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How Do Offerwalls Make Money? How Does an Offerwall Work? Find Out Here.

Read Everything App Marketers and Publishers Need to Know About Offerwalls

Check out this comprehensive resource that examines how offerwalls boost user acquisition and monetization.

offerwalls for monetization and ua

Offerwalls are an unassuming ad unit that actually engages your users rather than disrupting them. Users have the power since they choose to interact with offerwalls. Those authentic and compelling engagements equate to opportunities to acquire more loyal users and monetize existing ones.

In our new eBook, Everything App Marketers and Publishers Need to Know About Offerwalls, our app experts deliver insights and ideas on how to optimize your app’s usage of offerwalls.

What’s inside:

  • What is an offerwall?
  • Offerwall benefits
  • How offerwalls drive UA
  • How offerwalls deliver on monetization
  • Debunking offerwall myths
  • Offerwall best practices for UA and monetization
  • Offerwall use cases
  • What makes AdAction’s offerwall unique

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