AdAction Culture: How Dianne Wright Built Our People & Culture Department

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“You can’t lose if you put your people first.” That’ something Dianne Wright, AdAction’s Manager of People and Culture, works toward every day. The AdAction culture offers an inclusive and family-like environment for our team. Nurturing that culture as we grow and evolve is the main goal for Dianne and her team.

We didn’t always have a People and Culture department. Dianne joined the team during a high-growth period when there wasn’t an official people-focused department. Still, there was a foundation of a great people-first culture. As the business continued to expand, she seized an opportunity to grow her career, shaping our People and Culture department into what it is today.

Dianne’s Start

Dianne started her career with AdAction in 2016 as the first-ever Denver Office Manager. She was excited to get her foot in the door at a smaller company within the tech realm, unaware of the opportunities ahead but ready to take on any that came her way.

With a background in retail management and coaching employees to reach their goals, Dianne came in eager to mold this new position to fit her strengths and fulfill the company’s needs. She began by taking on any and all assignments and opportunities, believing nothing was too big or small of a job, and proving her value as a team member. Her willingness and ability to take on added responsibilities showed her dedication and work ethic to CEO and Founder Brian Fox, who then added hiring to her responsibilities.

Taking on People and Culture

Dianne was able to help managers across all departments by vetting resumes and conducting phone interviews. She even streamlined the process by implementing an applicant tracking system. This led to a chat with Brian. They defined a new job description and established People and Culture as an official part of the business.

“I think the people are the key foundation to any successful business,” said Dianne. “If you don’t have employees who are learning, motivated, and know they are being invested in, your business will stagnate. If your people grow, so will your business.”

Dianne’s belief in putting the employees first laid the groundwork for the People and Culture department. Planning staff events, establishing career paths, and advocating on behalf of employees are a few ways Dianne helps our team succeed.

Coming into her new position, Dianne standardized our formal review process. She also created self-evaluations and individual development plans. For Dianne, using a strategic approach to developing its people and supporting them with benefits, events, and more is key to the business’s success.

More Growth and Culture as a Foundation

As we continue to grow, Dianne’s mission lies in cultivating a best-in-class culture and environment for its people. Her team is off to a good start. Many job seekers would covet our flexible work options, abundant growth resources, and robust benefits package.

Her team recently tackled the improvement of our health benefits, increasing the employer-paid premium percentage to 70% from the previous 50%. We had a strong foundation already, but Dianne saw room for change. The company doubled in size since she started, revealing new needs for a wider variety of demographics.

“At the end of 2018, we increased the percentage amount we contribute to health premiums, switched carriers for a more robust coverage, and defined a paid parental leave policy,” said Dianne. “For AdAction to attract and retain top talent and remain an industry leader, we have to take care of our people and promote their well-being, both at AdAction and outside of the business.”

A People-First Culture

Improving our benefits is just one step in the continuous development of AdAction’s People and Culture department. Dianne is currently focusing on creating a conversation around professional growth. She also envisions that we can lead the way for workplace culture in the mobile industry. Visit our Careers page if you’re interested in learning more about our culture, benefits, and open positions.

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