Singular ROI Index: AdAction Ranks as Top Media Source for 2021

Singular ROI Index rankings

In the fifth edition of the Singular ROI Index, AdAction ranked as a Top Media Source in two categories. This recognition places our network ahead of over 500 others. Singular’s study ranks the top-performing ad networks across iOS and Android by 30-day ROI. The data used includes cost, revenue, and fraud. This listing is a critical guide for marketers to find the best networks for the best partners that drive ROI. This year marks the third time AdAction ranked on the index. 

The Singular ROI Index 2021 takes into account $10B in ad spend, almost 3B installs, and advanced insights from our fraud analysis solution to evaluate over 500 ad networks.

AdAction Delivers the Best ROI and Lowest Fraud

In 2021, AdAction had rankings in two categories:

  • Overall Global ROI Leaders for iOS and Android.
  • Global Fraud Leaders for Android (lowest fraud on ad networks).

Earning these rankings is extremely important in the industry. Mobile app marketers are always focused on achieving substantial ROI and eliminating fraud. It’s really excited to be ranking for the Best Overall ROI for a third time, with previous placements in 2017 and 2020. The Global Fraud Leaders is a new list for the ranking, and we’re equally thrilled that our efforts here are working for clients.

The Lists

There are three main categories: ROI, Retention, and Fraud. The subsets for each one differentiate between iOS and Android. ROI and Retention are returning categories, while Fraud is new. 

ROI and Retention have subsets for each category, gaming and non-gaming. They also have a list of overall global leaders as well as regional. Regions are APAC, EMEA, and North America. For Fraud, the segments are overall, iOS, and Android.

The Singular ROI Index Methodology

The index only ranks ad networks, not agencies or affiliates. The study ranks ad networks on six criteria:

  • Spend must be above a certain amount.
  • Fraud rate must be below a maximum.
  • Reach: A significant number of Singular clients must use the network.
  • CTI (click-to-install): Must have a low to moderate CTI.
  • ROI calculated by in-app spend from acquired users.
  • Retention: Percentage of users that remain active after 30 days.

Insights from the Rankings

After a year of significant change and disruption, mobile app marketing looks different in this year’s rankings. Some of the trends the authors identified are:

  • On-device platforms performed well.
  • Platform expansion occurred but now, as you’d think. Twitter and Snap became more prominent as a Google and Facebook alternative.
  • Gamified ads and loyalty networks were popular.
  • Influencer marketing in mobile user acquisition (UA) was more prolific and easier to attribute.
  • TikTok ranked on more lists, supporting influencer marketing, native ads, video, and brand and retail.
  • Apple ranks in every iOS category.

Grateful for the Recognition

CEO Brian Fox said, “The Singular ROI Index is a guide for many mobile marketers, and we are appreciative of these rankings. They are a testament to our approach to mobile app marketing, driving ROI, and protecting against fraud. Happy to celebrate this with the entire team.”

While 2020 was unpredictable, this honor illustrates our ability to pivot to ensure that customers receive the return they expect when advertising on our networks. You can view the entire 2021 Singular ROI Index here

If you’d like to find out more about what we do, connect with our team.

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