Face Time with Families: AdAction’s Transplants Find Work-Life Balance

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People living in Austin and Denver are all too familiar with the word “transplant.” These cities, which receive hundreds of new residents every day, are also home to our two offices. A majority of our team members don’t hail from Denver or Austin originally. Rather, they left where they once called home and planted their roots in these two locations.

Having a company culture that promotes work-life balance, our transplants can work remotely to spend time with friends and family back home, all while saving their PTO for bucket-list vacations. Check out how team members take advantage of this to travel back to hometowns from coast to coast, and everywhere in between.

Miranda Moore | Director of Marketing | Hometown – Spokane, Washington


How do you use AdAction’s “work-from-wherever” policy?

 I worked remotely from Washington for over a week this summer to celebrate my Godson’s 4th birthday. What is so great about AdAction’s flexibility to work remotely is that you can be there for those really special moments in life, no matter where they are. About four years ago, I was able to go home for my Godson’s birth and again shortly after to help with the baby and for every birthday since.

How does your team respond to you working remotely?

 My team has always been supportive whenever any of us are working remote. We actively communicate through the different work channels available, keeping tasks and projects moving forward, providing feedback, maintaining deadlines, Q&A, etc. It’s a part of our everyday routine to collaborate and keep the lines of communication open, so whether we are sitting next to each other in the office or separated by hundreds of miles, we don’t miss a beat.

What does the ability to work remotely say about AdAction’s culture?

 It demonstrates just how much AdAction recognizes the importance of family, both inside and out of the office. Many of the people in our office are transplants from another state or country. The ability to work remotely allows us to go home and be with our families for extended lengths of time without borrowing from our PTO days. This allows all of us to save those PTO days for longer vacations and bucket-list trips to fully unplug, which I was able to do with my 10-day visit to Vietnam last year.

Anna Ellison | Content Writer | Hometown – Brighton, MI


How often do you use AdAction’s “work-from-wherever” flexibility?

 I’ve used AdAction’s work-from-wherever flexibility five times over the past year to travel back to Michigan. Saying it now, it seems like a lot, but AdAction and my team have always been supportive of it, and the two-hour time difference is never an issue.

When was the last time you worked remotely to spend time with your family?

 Last year was my first big move — I went to school at Michigan State, where I was less than an hour away from home — so I definitely flew back a handful of times after moving to Denver. I work remotely pretty much anytime I go back to Michigan. The last time was this May to celebrate my brother’s graduation.

Then in November, I traveled back for a wedding and stayed for an entire week to spend more time with my family. I even snuck in an MSU football game and Fleetwood Mac concert while I was there. It means a lot to me that I have the freedom to get my work done from anywhere, and that I also can balance that work with some family time and catching up with friends.

What does the ability to work remotely say about our culture?

 AdAction hires people who are able to work hard so they can play even harder. They know everyone can get their work done and get it done well, so they encourage us to prioritize our own work-life balance from anywhere in the country (and occasionally abroad).

Brooks Hurbis | Business Development Team Lead | Hometown – Ann Arbor, MI


Why is the ability to work remotely important to you? 

 I worked remotely on the first weekend in June for my sister’s high school graduation. It’s nice to have the flexibility to work from home (whichever home it is) so that I can make it to important life events like this. With home being so far away, it’s tough to justify just going back for a weekend, so it’s nice to be home for longer and spend more time with family at night while still working during the day. It also means that I can save my PTO for bigger trips. This year, I traveled to South Africa for two weeks and didn’t have to worry about having enough time off to balance that trip with my time at home.

How often do you use AdAction’s “work-from-wherever” flexibility?

 I use it a few times a year to go home for holidays and other big events. I also use it when I’m in Denver too. If I have a more creative or strategic project I need to work on, it’s nice to be able to go to a coffee shop or other brainstorming space outside of the office. My team is always cool with it. As long as I’m getting my work done, being responsive, and staying up-to-date on all my clients’ needs, they don’t care where or when I do it!

What does the ability to work remotely say about our culture?

 That we trust and empower our employees to get their work done when and where they see fit. Everyone takes ownership of their work and responsibilities, whether they’re completing it in the office or some other random location of their choice.

Mariah Chee | Senior Media Coordinator | Hometown – Albuquerque, New Mexico


What were some memorable moments from your last time at home?

 I “work from wherever” one or two times a year. The last time I worked remotely to spend time with family was in December over the holidays. It was the first time I had been home for a substantial amount of time since I had moved, so it was fantastic to be surrounded by my family and siblings. The first few days of our trip, we spent with my boyfriend’s family in Taos, New Mexico. It was an incredibly relaxing “work-from-wherever” location. The most memorable moment was getting to have a friend’s holiday dinner, where 15 of us got together at one of the most delicious restaurants in town. A lot of us have moved away, so it was great to catch up.

Why was that important to you?

 Family and friends are definitely staples in my life. I am the oldest child, so I know my parents miss me a lot, but I am fortunate that they are incredibly supportive of my decision to live in Austin for better opportunities. Maintaining relationships is very important to me, so I try and make sure I’m able to spend as much time with my loved ones as I can. My team is incredibly supportive of each other whenever we have to or want to go out of town. They know that I will still be available as usual, so it’s not a burden to them.

What does the ability to work remotely say about AdAction’s culture?

 Having the ability to work remotely shows that AdAction cares about having a work-life balance. Austin and Denver are both considered “transplant cities,” so most of my coworkers aren’t from the cities in which they currently reside. I’m appreciative that AdAction considers this and provides the flexibility to work remotely from whatever location.

Nikki Miles | Office Manager | Hometown – Arlington, TX


When was the last time you were able to work remotely to spend time with your family?

 My birthday is within a week of Mother’s Day, so I went home in May to do our Mother’s Day/birthday celebration. In April, I also went to Texarkana to celebrate my childhood friend’s birthday. My family lives close enough that we don’t have to plan extensive trips, but they don’t have the same flexibility as AdAction. I don’t have any family in Austin, so it’s important for me to be able to go get a hug from my mom when I’m feeling low, to be able to catch a movie with my sister, or to play the newest video game releases with my brother. For the trip in April, I visited a friend that I usually only see over the holidays. I’ve missed most of her birthdays, so it was really special for me to be able to be there.

How often do you use AdAction’s “work-from-wherever” flexibility?

 I use it a lot. As the office manager, I do a lot of errand running throughout the week, and depending on where they take me, it’s sometimes easier to go home rather than back to the office. I love that trips home don’t have to be just weekend trips. I can actually spend quality time with my family without them having to alter their schedules without coming back to hundreds of emails. It’s nice to not sit in Austin rush hour traffic, too!

What does the ability to work remotely say about AdAction’s culture?

 I think it speaks to the trust that our leaders have in their teams. Many people believe that working remote reduces productivity, but it’s the opposite for me. I usually start work earlier and work later when I’m remote. And as an introvert, I love having that quiet time to recharge my social batteries. I also appreciate that AdAction understands my family is my number one priority. I never have to choose between my job or spending time with family.

A Work-Life Balance Culture

Having a company culture that embraces work-life balance, especially with the ability to work remotely while spending time with family, allows transplants to thrive in their new cities. If you’re interested in learning more about AdAction’s company culture or open positions — no matter where you’re from — check out our Careers page!


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