When Is It Time to Grow Your App? 5 Signs Your App Is Ready to Scale

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Every app wants to experience growth. Executing this and scaling comes with many considerations and prep work. Your app has to be ready for a rapid influx of new users. You’ll need customized UA (user acquisition) strategies. So, when’s the perfect time to grow your app and scale? It all depends on the signs!

1) You're on the Cusp of an IPO

If your company’s going public, you’ll want to accelerate UA to entice investors. 

What Strategies Work

  • Improve category rankings with burst campaigns.
  • Use rewarded ads like offerwalls to incentivize downloads and reviews.
  • Diversify your advertising channels to reach unique users.

2) You’re Primed to Expand to New Geos

Expanding to new geos requires your app to be accessible to a new population. If you’ve checked all the boxes here—language, culture, support, etc., then you’re good to grow.

What Strategies Work

  • Create CPI/CPE hybrid campaigns on a reward platform with iOS and Android reach. These ads drive installs and use language to prompt users to take another engagement step.
  • Ensure ads and app profiles align on the App Store by using CPPs (custom product pages) specific to the new geo you want to capture.

3) Your App is in a Growth Category and Not Saturated

Many app categories saw substantial growth in the past two years—fintech, health and fitness, utilities. If high demand is fueling category growth, it’s time to capitalize. 

What Strategies Work

  • Develop personalized CPI campaigns for user segments to attract new users.
  • Launch keyword campaigns based on search data.
  • Work with a social influencer who’s an expert in your field to gain more downloads.

4) Your App Growth Focus is Subscriptions

Getting users is one thing; monetizing them is another. If you’re ready to make a hard push for subscriptions, that’s another way to grow.

What Strategies Work

  • Dive into your data to understand what “actions” users take that lead to subscriptions and long-term retention.
  • Deploy mid and deep funnel CPEs to push toward those “actions.”
  • Reward your users for subscribing via offerwalls.  

5) Your App has a Strong Reputation but Little Visibility

What Strategies Work

  • Try CPI ads that use social proof copy (e.g., 4-star reviews, short review excerpts).
  • Consider keyword campaigns with phrasing about ratings and reviews.
  • Build a CPP heavy on reviews and social proof.

Do these signs align with where you want to take your app? If so, now’s the time to pursue growth strategies, and AdAction is here to help. We offer performance-based mobile app marketing with an extensive reward platform, access to multiple campaign types, and a team of experts.

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