Back in Real Life: AdAction Denver Retreat 2022

Back in Real Life: AdAction Denver Retreat 2022

AdAction is known for its all-out annual retreats celebrating the team and taking time to have genuine fun! In past years we’ve brought the whole team out to destinations like Scottsdale and Playa del Carmen, but due to the pandemic, this year’s retreat was the first AdAction has had since 2019. It was more important than ever to celebrate with each other, meet newer team members IRL, and have fun together — and there’s no better place to do that than at our home turf here in Denver.

The annual retreat honors our staff’s year-round hard work and collaboration in the mobile space. It’s one of the most celebrated and highly anticipated events by our employees. Unlike typical company “summits”, our retreats truly spoil our team with a focus on building relationships, with events like spa days, luxury car experiences, and team-building events at popular local venues.

"We were so thrilled to bring our annual retreat back in person this year after a three-year hiatus. It's always great to recognize our employees' efforts and all of the hard work they do throughout the year. But now more than ever, in a remote world, it's about creating a forum where they can shut their computer screens and connect with their peers and form social connections."
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Dianne Wright
Director of People and Culture

Team building is key for any team — increasing collaboration, positive communication, and overall awareness and interest in who your coworkers are as people. The distance between AdAction’s offices in Austin, Chicago, London, and Denver doesn’t slow us down, especially when we take our team building to the next level. 

What's Changed Since Our Last Retreat?

Our team has seen great growth in the last three years, meaning AdAction’s “rookie” class took up over half of the entire staff! 2022 was a benchmark hiring year, adding more creative minds to our team than ever. This also means the events in our retreats were bigger and better than ever. 

It was great to have the retreat back in person. AdAction is very successful at working remotely, but it's special when we get together with teammates from other parts of the country (and world!) for team bonding, collaboration, and happy hours.
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Ben Hagener
Director of Client Services

Day 1: Broncos Stadium

We kicked off the retreat by welcoming our Austin, Chicago, and London offices to the Broncos Stadium here in Denver. The team had a quick cocktail hour in the Broncos locker room, where each locker had an employee’s name on it with a backpack filled with AdAction merchandise. 

We then took a tour of the stadium from the field, complete with the AdAction retreat logo up on the marquis. From there, we adjourned to the Champion’s suite, where we ate, mingled, and celebrated all of our wins this year. The night ended with an exclusive fireworks show and cocktail hour at one of Denver’s speakeasys.

Bonding with all the people from other offices doing fun things like spa days and speakeasy parties makes it so much more enjoyable to work with them. When you know all the people you actually work with and discover they're amazing people, it makes everyday interactions at work enjoyable.
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Alejandra Troncoso
Team Lead, Developer Relations

Day 2: Choose Your Own Adventure, Colorado Rapids VIP

Everyone on our team has different interests and hobbies, so we organized a choose your own adventure day! The team got to choose between a spa day, luxury car driving, horseback riding, or golf.  Our team has gotten pretty big, so this allowed us to break into smaller groups and make genuine connections.

Later that evening, we all met back up to enjoy a Colorado Rapids soccer game from the VIP suite! We ended the night with a party bus to Downtown Denver, where drinks were had and friendships were made!

I loved meeting coworkers from all around the country, everyone was so nice and fun to be around, it really makes you feel like part of a team. It's awesome that AdAction went all out and treated us like royalty during the retreat! [It] makes me feel very valued.
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Josh Marshall
Salesforce Admin

Day 3: Charity Challenge Carnival, Talent Show, and Final Farewell

Day 3 was the most jam-packed of all. The morning started with the AdAction Carnival, where we kicked off our annual charity challenge. Each year we divide into four teams that complete various challenges and philanthropic efforts for a number of charities. Team Burgundy may have won the carnival, but we’ll be competing for charity challenge gold for the next few months following the retreat! More on that in a later blog.

We finally ended the retreat with a bang — a fancy cocktail night on the roof of Linger, overlooking the beautiful Denver skyline. We had our signature annual Talent Show, followed by a night of drinks and dancing. 

Culture is at the Heart of AdAction

AdAction has come a long way in the past few years, to say the least! Our staff retreat allows us to continue to celebrate our achievements and build strong, lasting friendships. The individuals that make up our hardworking, close-knit team are what make our retreats so memorable.

Want to join in on the fun and grow your career? Visit our careers page if you’re interested in learning more about our culture and joining the AdAction family!

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