AdAction Takes Scottsdale for an Unforgettable 2019 Retreat

2019 retreat

Another company retreat has come and gone, and our team can’t stop talking about this year’s unforgettable getaway to Scottsdale, Arizona. The weekend was the perfect opportunity for our growing Denver and Austin teams to come together and build relationships beyond our office walls.

The retreat honors our staff’s year-round hard work and collaboration in the mobile space. It’s one of the most celebrated and highly anticipated events by our employees. With our location reveal one week from our departure, and a fake out that had us all thinking we were headed to an all-inclusive Disney resort, AdAction knows how to keep us on our toes.  

So Much Fun in Scottsdale

Our team has grown tremendously in the past year with 11 “rookies,” or new employees attending their first AdAction retreat. From our welcome night party to yard and pool games and more, there was no shortage of staff opportunities to bond. A staff favorite was our Choose Your Own Activity day. Employees got to pick between an ATV adventure course, a relaxing spa day, or 18 holes at a PGA golf course. The team later reunited for food and games, along with an all-company bowling tournament. The retreat ended on a high note with our Sunday Funday AdAction Olympics, farewell dinner, and talent show.  

Let’s see what some of our team members had to say about their favorite moments from the 2019 Scottsdale retreat!

Camille Muscariello, Client Service Coordinator

How was your experience as a rookie?

My experience as a rookie was better than I could have imagined. From staying in the “Rookie House,” to playing in a company-wide bowling tournament, to a day of tranquility at the spa, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend of relaxing and connecting with my coworkers.

What was your biggest takeaway from the Scottsdale retreat?

My biggest takeaway from the retreat was how much AdAction cares about its employees. I know I’m getting taken care of every day, but the retreat went above and beyond in showing just how much this company appreciates us.

Myles Becker, Senior Manager of Creative Services

What was your favorite activity on the retreat this year, and why?

My favorite activity this year was the party at Skylanes. The food and drinks were fantastic, and on top of that, it had a ton of things that I really enjoy bowling, darts, pool, air hockey, pop-a-shot, foosball, etc. Getting to relax with everyone is always a good time. I learned so many new things about the people I work with, which is always one of my main retreat goals.

What does our annual retreat say about our culture?

The main thing the retreat says about our culture is that we are appreciated. A LOT of work goes into making retreat weekend something special for everyone. While it would be much easier to book hotel rooms somewhere, the thinking from the top down is that this should be a very personal experience. We find fun and unique places where we can get together and get to know each other. That connection helps us remember that we are all human beings, working toward a common goal as a company.

Alejandra Troncoso, Developer Relations Manager

What was your favorite memory from the retreat this year?

My favorite memory from the retreat was, hands down, drinking mimosas, and enjoying a gourmet meal at the spa. Not only were we all in complete relaxation mode after our massages, but I got to catch up with some of my favorite team members from the Denver office. It was also the perfect setting to get to know some of the newbies, as we were all at our most Zen, happy, relaxed, and laughing over personal stories.

What does our annual staff retreat say about our culture?

Our annual staff retreat is a direct reflection of how much of a family we truly are. Not only are we all hustlers, but we go above and beyond for each other because we’ve developed friendships and a deeper appreciation for one another during these fun times.

Justin Lujan, AR Accountant

How was your experience as a rookie?

My experience as a rookie was great! It was my first time physically meeting the Denver team and those that I communicate with daily. Having events planned all weekend really allowed both offices to interact and was an amazing way to promote team building, regardless of the 900 miles that separate us.

What was your biggest takeaway from the Scottsdale retreat?

My biggest takeaway was that the company holds the true values of a team. When you have a company that can connect on a personal level, you’re more motivated to take pride in your work and help your fellow AdAction-ites succeed. The retreat proved that “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” goes beyond office work and into our personal lives and activities.  

Mitch Carter, Ad Operations Analyst

What was the biggest surprise of this year’s retreat?

How quickly the rookie class embraced their roles and how well the talent show went. Based on early conversations, it sounded like the talent show would be a rough event. Still, everyone fully embraced the moment and put on a great show. Overall, their willingness to participate in rookie activities surprised me in a positive way; they earned my respect, and I’m happy to call them now veterans!

What was your favorite part of the retreat, and why?

It had to be the AdAction Olympics. I think my favorite part of each retreat is getting together with both offices and doing something interactive with one another. Plus, adding in friendly competition makes the quality time that much better. The best part of the day had to be the blue team walking away with the win!

Thanks for a Fabulous Retreat

AdAction has come a long way in the past year. The staff retreat allows us to continue to celebrate our achievements and build strong, lasting friendships. The individuals that make up our hardworking, close-knit team are what make our retreats so memorable.

Check out some of our other favorite moments from the retreat here. You can also visit our Careers page if you’re interested in learning more about our culture and joining the AdAction family!


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