The AdAction Story

AdAction: A Top-Ranked User Acquisition and Monetization Partner

Founder and CEO Brian Fox literally wrote the foundation of what would become AdAction sitting at a wooden picnic table at a hot dog stand. 

Brian’s core focus was on performance-based marketing on mobile, and how this approach can deliver exceptional results. Since 2013, we’ve built an impressive team of individuals that are exceptionally good at what they do. Our solutions have evolved, as the app marketing landscape has – from building UA campaigns on iOS to focusing on first-party owned and operated traffic. No matter where the users are, we’ll be there, ensuring that our customers have the opportunity to attract and engage them.

Driving Installs, Quality Users, and Conversions Since Day One

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Since AdAction’s founding in 2013, we’ve been a leading performance- based platform, achieving substantial growth for our clients on a global scale. Our approach is to deliver quality volume with real- time, data-driven technology tools to optimize user acquisition (UA) campaigns and foster engagement.

We work with well-known brands and game developers, focusing on providing premium users to advertisers worldwide with owned and operated inventory as well as strategic partnerships.

Why Are We a Performance-Based Platform?

Why should any advertiser or publisher invest in advertising that doesn’t perform? The reality is that it’s highly pervasive in marketing for mobile apps or any medium. Most mobile app marketers disperse ads in every medium, with only a portion of that investment dependent on the ad’s performance. Our philosophy to be performance-based translates to our passion

for delivering a high velocity of quality users for every campaign. You should get what you pay for, and we want to maximize every dollar spent.

What makes adaction different?

In a world of options, why do so many mobile app marketers choose AdAction?

In a word, it’s the value we provide them. Our commitment to providing optimized, incremental, and scalable campaigns to help you reach UA and other strategic goals is part of our culture and every relationship we create.

Here’s what makes our platform and processes different from other solutions:

Industry Pioneer

The mobile app marketing industry is very young, and we've been leading efforts for over seven years with the top leaders in the app space. That tenure is substantial in such a field that's ever-changing and evolving. Our team includes subject matter experts that understand all the aspects of delivering high-quality conversions at volume.

Support from Experts at
Every Step

We are a client-centric organization that fosters collaboration and communication. Our sales and account management teams commit to supporting our clients through every step of the process transparently and professionally. We are always striving to exceed expectations, answer tough questions, and provide expert recommendations.

Fraud Protection

Ad fraud is a serious concern in mobile app marketing, burning through billions of advertising dollars, and skewing user profile data. From malicious bots to fake users to mobile device forms, fraud can be rampant without proper protocols. We belong to the industry working group. Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF), helping to educate and address mobile ad fraud.

Customized Media Plans

Performance-based marketing isn't cookie cutter. We develop programs that align with your goals, target users, and KPIs. We already work with advertisers in almost every vertical and have achieved high results.

Proprietary Reward Inventory Hitting Unique User Bases

We own and operate our reward inventory and use it to support incremental scale for campaigns driving downstream engagement. We are able to hit a unique user base that isn't accessible on other platforms. With our Reward Platform, you can engage with users that other platforms don't have.

User Flow

We don't just "set and forget" campaigns. Intuitive monetization profiling identifies payers and introduces them to customized messaging and experiences as well as enables programmatic post-install optimization in real-time.

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Whether you’re looking to work with us to scale your app, or wanting to join the team yourself, we’d love to hear from you!.
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