Can’t Stop Chronicles: Mitch Carter, Ad Operations Analyst

mitch carter

The AdAction team is full of talented and interesting folks. In this Can’t Stop Chronicles, we’re chatting with Mitch Carter, Ad Operations Analyst, and Colorado native.

Mitch’s transition throughout different departments in the company started with Action360, a training program for our entry-level employees to gain a 360-degree understanding of the business while exploring their career paths and interests. His knowledge and experience in both Client Services and BI (business intelligence) make him an asset to the team.

How Has Your Career Progressed Since Joining AdAction?

I started as a Business Development Coordinator on the sales team right out of college. I transitioned over to the Client Services team, then got promoted as a Junior BI Analyst. After six months of working on the BI team, I pivoted into my current hybrid role of Ad Operations Analyst, a combo of Client Services and BI.

I use my BI skills and knowledge to expedite manual processing and facilitate invoicing. Pat Shively, Sr. Director of Data and Product, and Liz Paschen, BI Lead, supported me in this recent transition so I can contribute to our growing emphasis on data and tech, while I continue to advance within the company. 

Mitch’s Day to Day

 It’s a project by project role. I’m a right-hand man to Ben Hagener, Director of Client Services, as he automates our team’s processes. I help improve automation, data check, use data tools to create reports, and assist the rest of our team. At the beginning of each month, invoicing is a big priority. I pull data, send it to the Demand Team owners, and collaborate with Sales and Account Management for approval and solve fraud-related issues.  

What Do Enjoy Most About Your Job?

The culture. It never feels like a typical 9-5 job. I find each day challenging and have people around me who want to see me succeed and help any way they can. We work in an open and friendly environment, where everyone is always excited to continue learning. 

What’s the Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?

A lot of the skills I’ve learned here, I’ll use for the rest of my life. AdAction provides me with opportunities to learn within work hours and gives me the chance to continue my education beyond the office. I’ve taken SQL, Python, and other classes focused on growing my analyst skillset. Having greater knowledge of these tools allows me to take on more responsibility and apply it to complex processes.

How Do You Keep a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

 I like to plan ahead, stay organized, and prioritize my time at work so that when I do take a vacation, my team can cover for me while I am away. Knowing that my team and the rest of the company support me while I’m gone motivates me to work hard when I am in the office. While not at work, Mitch enjoys writing for several Denver Nuggets blogs, working out, snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains, traveling, attending concerts, and experiencing Colorado to the fullest. 

What do You Do Outside of Work?

I’m big into volunteering. This was my fourth year doing Xmas in the Park, a fundraiser to get articles of clothing and supplies to help the Denver homeless during the winter months. This year was the second year the company participated. We raised $1100, which was our largest donation to date! It’s a great, rewarding experience that humbles you and lets you appreciate your health and something as simple as having a place to sleep.

If Any Activity Could be an Olympic Sport, What Would You Medal In?

 Beer pong or Beer Die! I feel pretty confident in myself with any of those games from college. 

Favorite Friday Playlist Song?

 During the summer, any Thomas Rhett song, but lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of J. Cole. 

Interested in Learning More About Our One-of-a-Kind Team? 

Visit our Careers page to get the inside scoop on our company culture, and check out our open positions.

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