Can’t Stop Chronicles: Seth Peisner, Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst

Seth Peisner Can't Stop Chronicles

What would any company be without its amazing team members? Here at AdAction, we’ve developed a team of incredible people who use their unique qualities and strengths to make their own impact on the business. 

Who are these people, you ask? We’re going to introduce them to you in our series Can’t Stop Chronicles, to help put a face to the driving force behind our “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” motto. For our next spotlight, we got to know a little more about Seth Peisner, Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst.

What does a day in the life of a Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst look like?

I spend my time either engaging with stakeholders, internal teams, or working on projects. What I work on during a given day varies based on where I am in a project life cycle. Typically a project will start with a meeting between stakeholders so I can fully understand their goals. That means asking a lot of questions so I can see the problem from their point of view. Once I have a good understanding, I’ll create a deliverable that will best suit their needs and then establish a feedback loop for any changes. 

What do you like most about your job? 

I get to work with a bunch of different people and teams. I really like that I’m able to make an impact for my coworkers. It’s rewarding when someone tells me how a project I worked on is saving them time or uncovered insights that added a lot of value. It’s also nice that AdAction fosters such a strong culture of recognition.  

Biggest learning experience in the past three years?

Earlier this year my boss accepted a new role within the company. It forced me to take on some new responsibilities and take more ownership of my own projects.

Has your job changed at all since we’ve been remote?

Honestly not too much. The main change has been how I communicate with peers. Like most people, I get more out of conversations in person. So I’ve had to prep more before calls to ensure that I get the most out of everyone’s time.

How do you keep work-life balance, especially now that we’re all working from home?

I always try to start work as early as possible, whether that means going into the office early or waking up at home and grabbing my computer while I make coffee. Being as productive as possible earlier in the day makes it so my work doesn’t bleed into the evening. 

What’s your #1 WFH tip?

Take mini breaks throughout the day. I like to play with my dog Gus, even if it’s for five minutes, it helps me get in the right headspace. We had a little incident this morning. He somehow escaped from his harness and was running loose. So now we’re switching harnesses. 

Do you have a favorite AdAction memory?

The first year we participated in the Denver Startup Games. There were eight other companies who came prepared with matching team uniforms and cheers, and we were definitely the smallest, ragtag group. We ended up having a great time and winning the whole thing. 

Before quarantine, what did you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy traveling, hiking, brewery hopping, and cooking. My specialty is a nice short rib in the winter, but now I’m all about grilling.

What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

I lived in Bangalore, India for six months after I graduated college. It was a training program for the analytics consulting company I was working for at the time. There was a lot of traveling for fun in between learning, kind of like studying abroad. 

What are you currently binge-watching?

My girlfriend and I just finished the first season of Succession. When we need a break, we’ve been watching some good old Love Island

Love Island UK, Australia, or USA?

UK of course. You have to go with the original. 

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

I don’t think it is. When I think of a menu, if I saw “hot dog” under the sandwich section I would be very confused. 

Interested in learning more about our one-of-a-kind team? Visit our Careers page to get the inside scoop on our company culture and check out our open positions if you’re interested in joining the AdAction family.

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