How Do You Get More App Installs? Advertise Your App in 4 Ways

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How Do You Get More App Installs? Advertise Your App in 4 Ways

Every app marketer and UA (user acquisition) manager is always thinking about how to get more app installs. Increasing your user numbers typically translates to more opportunities. It’s also pivotal in your app store ranking. So, what’s the “secret” to growing installs? In this post, we’ll provide you with app install ad strategies to hit your UA goals.

What Are App Install Ads?

App install ads describe paid acquisition strategies that drive users to download your app. These ads lead to your app store listings, so they’ll hit install and begin using and loving your app. 

App install ads can live in many channels, from SEM (search engine marketing) to social media feeds to within other apps. The singular objective of this advertising is to acquire new users.

The tactics you choose will depend on many factors, including:

  • Your audience and where they discover new apps
  • Your app category and how competitive it is
  • Budget dollars available 
  • The geos you’re targeting 
  • The ad network you leverage 


Creating your ideal app ad mix will include components of all these to ensure the best results. Next, we’ll review the most popular and effective ways to advertise your app.

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Where Should You Advertise Your App?

If you look at all the factors above in developing your ad mix, you must first decide where. The following channels can deliver high-volume installs. You can improve the quality of these and retention by targeting so that those who see the ads match your ideal user persona.

Social Media App Install Advertising: Simple Messaging, Influencers, and Problem-Solving

Social media is a key channel for advertising your app. Billions of people every day frequent these websites to discover new products and interact with brands. The specific ones you select will align with the audience you want to attract. There are three key strategies to use in social media app advertising.

  • Simple messaging: You’ve got seconds to get users’ attention while they scroll. Don’t waste it being long-winded. Deliver your message in simple terms that make it easy for anyone to know what your app is, what it does, and why it should matter to them.
  • Social influencer app marketing: Partner with influencers who are experts in your space and have a fanbase who would find your app appealing. Collaborate with them on relevant content and use a CPI (cost per install) model, so you’re only paying for actual downloads from their posts.
  • Problem-solving copy: Everyone’s got problems. If your app’s the answer, then that’s your pitch. Tell them how the app will make their life easier. By connecting with them at this level, you could improve the quality of the installs from ads.

In-App Advertising: Banners, Interstitial, and Native Ads

The majority of mobile time occurs in apps at 88%. That’s a good reason to focus your advertising efforts within other apps. In most cases, in-app ads don’t distract users. There are three main types:

  • Banners: These are the most common and static. They are found at the top or bottom of the screen. With minimal space, they are great for awareness. The design should be eye-catching but not distracting. Focus on key features of your app. They are available on all screens, budget-friendly and easy to launch. 
  • Interstitial: These ads usually play in transition points within an app, such as loading or closing or between game levels. Since they are full-screen, they get a user’s attention, so they should include visuals and content that pitches your app’s usability. The pros of this type of in-app ad are: more space for in-depth messaging, visually driven, impressions and CTRs (click-through rates) can be strong, and interactivity. 
  • Native: These units blend into the surroundings in an app, so they don’t look like a traditional ad. Placement is as an icon or in-feed, or in-stream. They are non-disruptive and more relevant to the content around them, often leading to higher CTRs. Other benefits they provide include higher engagement and better user experiences. 


Offerwall App Install Ads

Another important and effective ad type to boost app downloads is offerwalls. Offerwalls provide a scalable, cost-effective strategy for acquiring high-quality users. They are 100% user-initiated and reward the user for doing so. 

Offerwalls can drive users to download your app; if they do, they can receive the incentive. They don’t disrupt the flow of the app, and you can learn a lot about those users who engage them, which can help you further downstream with retention.

App Search Ads

Those needing an app often start with a search on the app stores. It presents another opportunity to increase the visibility of your app and secure downloads. You bid on specific keywords your audience will most likely search for relevant to your app. In deploying such an ad tactic, you’ll need to:

Refresh your app profiles and add any keywords. Using these on iOS, you can send people to custom profile pages (CPPs) specific to a campaign. 

Focus on search terms that are more niche or long-tail, such as inserting a demographic descriptor (e.g., budget apps for families, fitness apps for women).

Working with an ad network to design strategic search ad campaigns can result in more downloads. The boost can also help with app ranking and even more discoverability from users.

Achieve More App Installs with AdAction

No matter what type of app advertising you want to deploy, you’ll find AdAction is the ideal partner. Our team of mobile marketing veterans will collaborate with you to hit your UA goals. Find out what we can do by downloading, A Complete Guide to AdAction Solutions today.

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