How to Boost App Store Subscriptions with Creative Campaigns

how to boost app store subscriptions

App subscriptions are big money for multiple categories. Last year, app subscription revenue hit $13 billion, increasing 34% over the previous year. There are a lot of benefits to increasing app store subscriptions—steady income, more engaged audiences, and larger revenue cuts from Apple. 

However, the competition for consumer dollars is fierce, so app marketers need to get creative to boost subscriptions.

4 Fresh Ideas to Boost App Store Subscriptions

Based on trends, data, and our work with subscription-based apps, we’ve put together this list of creative ideas to gain more subscribers.

Use Free Trials to Hook Them, Win Them with Smooth Onboarding

Most all subscription apps offer a free trial. That’s the hallmark move to get a subscriber because most people want to try something before buying it. That requires a strong CPI (cost per install) free trial campaign. 

You need to use the right call-to-action language that gets the user comfortable with installing the app. It needs to express value and not just say “free trial.” Another way to drive a large volume of installs is to run a keyword CPI campaign based on what your ideal users are searching for in the app stores. 

Once they are in the app, now you have to convert them to a paying subscriber. Their decision to do this will depend on the quality of your app and its ability to meet their needs. In addition, they’ll make decisions based on the onboarding. Was it easy? Clear? Relevant? 

You also can’t assume they’ll go through the onboarding process. If they don’t, they may be just trying out the app with no direction. They could create a negative experience. So, prompt them to onboard with a low-level CPE (cost per engagement) campaign that rewards the user for completing the onboarding. 

Leverage Offerwall Traffic to Engage Consumers

Offerwall How-to

Offerwalls, part of rewarded advertising, make great units for promoting subscriptions. Consumers choose to engage with them, so it doesn’t feel like an ad. 

You can actually use offerwalls to drive subscriptions for app and non-app subscriptions. We’ve seen this tactic work for streaming, meal kits, beauty and wellness, entertainment, and utility services. In addition, our offerwalls feature owned-and-operated rewarded options that can reach global audiences at scale.

Go Straight for the Purchase with CPE Campaigns

Another option is to get straight down to business and launch CPE “purchase a subscription” campaigns. If considering this tactic, you’ll need to hyper-target or retarget. The goal here is quality over quantity. Plus, you’ll only pay for the actual subscribers, so the risk is lower than high-volume CPIs. 

To get this right:

  • Work on the language in your ads by conveying value and benefits, not features. 
  • Optimize your profile on the app stores: Focus on the description specifying what a subscription provides and why it’s a good deal.
  • Include an offer for a discount: This could prompt users to go ahead and subscribe instead of going through a free trial period or using the freemium version.

Amplify Subscription Leads with CPA Campaigns

Another way to boost app store subscriptions is to use web-based CPA (cost per action) campaigns. It’s a subset of CPE but works to drive lead generation for subscriptions. 

Scale is substantial here. With a wider net cast, you’ll bring in quantity over quantity. Start them on a free trial, then go down the path of CPEs to convert.

Earn More App Store Subscriptions with AdAction

If boosting app store subscriptions is a priority for you, then you’ll want to talk to our team of mobile marketing experts. They can design a custom advertising plan that focuses on growing your subscription base. Get in touch today to learn more.

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