In-App Advertising: Guide to Scaling App Installs

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In-App Advertising: Guide to Scaling App Installs

Growing your user base is a key pillar of UA (user acquisition) campaigns. To scale app installs, you can use a variety of tactics. In this post, we’re going to focus on in-app advertising. It’s a strategy that’s been in play for some time and is still a solid strategy. Let’s look at how it evolved and the best methods to drive app downloads.

In-App Advertising: A Refresher

In-app advertising is the use of “space” within an app dedicated to advertising. In many cases, these ads drive revenue for app developers. It’s also a way to boost the visibility of apps and gain installs. These app install ads can be very successful when the ad is:

  • Relevant to the users of the app where it displays.
  • Eye-catching and demonstrates the value of the app.
  • Appealing because of an offer tied to the download. 

These in-app ads appear in one of these ways:

  • Banner ads: These occupy a portion of the screen at the top or bottom.
  • Interstitial ads: These are full-screen ads that play between breaks (e.g., between gaming levels).
  • Native ads: These units blend into the content around it like an in-app feed and work best with multi-tile layouts. 
  • Offerwalls: These user-initiated ads reward a user completing an action (e.g., downloading the app) and have high engagement rates.

Any of these formats can promote your app, but how do you optimize this for scale?

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Scaling App Downloads with In-App Advertising

If you’re seeking a big push to grow your user base, in-app advertising can be a crucial channel. However, there are some conditions for using the tactic.

You Need a Big Ad Network

Scaling means you need to reach a high volume of users, which requires an app ad network that can deliver this. Not all can do this. Here are the must-haves for selecting one:

  • Performance-based is better, as it allows you to optimize every dollar of your UA budget.
  • Volume and quality of traffic (e.g., whom can you target?).
  • Exclusive access to networks that enable premium placements and have the capacity to reach users worldwide. 
  • Ability to run in-app advertising on both iOS and Android.
  • Unique offerwall inventory that allows you to customize and drive downloads.

Your Creative and Messaging Need to Stand Out

People see hundreds or even thousands of ads every day in multiple places. As a result, many can ignore them without much effort. If you want to inspire engagement and reduce ad fatigue, your in-app ads should stand out from the rest. Here are some tips:

  • Define the value prop quickly and easily: Tell users how they’ll benefit from the app, whether that’s entertainment or something more utilitarian. 
  • Use the best images of what it looks like to use the app.
  • Include clever or funny messaging to step outside the norm.
  • End with a strong CTA (call-to-action) that’s more original than “Download Now,” such as “Get the Most Loved Budgeting App” or “Experience a Fitness App Just for Women.”
  • Ensure all wording and imagery are legible, which can be difficult when working with small formats. You’ll want to check viewability. 
  • Test your creative to see which ones resonate the most with audiences.
  • Refresh designs regularly based on what your UA metrics tell you.

In-App Advertising Can Drive UA Scale

Hitting download numbers is critical for your UA strategy. The more opportunities to get in front of the right users, the better. With a robust network coupled with design and messaging best practices, your in-app advertising can drive UA at scale. 

If that’s on your priority list, you’ll want to talk to our experts. Connect with us today to optimize your in-app advertising for installs!

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