Leverage ASO to Increase App Visibility and Organic Engagement

Leverage ASO to Increase App Visibility and Organic Engagement

As a mobile app marketer, you know that all your techniques regarding UA (user acquisition) intertwine. While campaigns may have a specific objective, everything you develop to increase downloads works together to drive success. Such is the case with ASO (app store optimization). 

While ASO isn’t the same as campaigns like CPE (cost per engagement) and CPI (cost per install) models, it very much impacts app visibility and organic engagement. So, how does it do this? And why should it matter?

What Is ASO?

We define ASO (app store optimization) as a set of optimization strategies that work together to lift your app store ranking. Most users don’t move past the first page of search results, no matter where they’re searching. App stores are no exception. Thus, ASO is key to UA.

Why Is App Ranking Important?

A higher rank in the app store category automatically increases app visibility. In turn, that means you’ll likely benefit from an organic lift. That occurs when you earn organic users because of tactics deployed to increase your rank. 

App ranking also impacts if your app comes up in search results. This is highly valuable because 70% of App Store visitors use this method to find apps. Additionally, 65% of installs happen directly after searching.

To make your app more visible, you’ll need to optimize your app profile pages using best practices. In doing so, you can get more traction as you improve your position on the charts.

How ASO Improves App Visibility and Organic Engagement

ASO with AdAction | Get More App Users

ASO involves many tactics to engage visitors when they land on your app profile. By applying best practices, you have a better chance of hooking them, leading to higher rankings. 

Here’s how ASO does this:

Custom Profile Pages Target Specific Users

In the Apple App Store, you can create custom profile pages (CPPs) that target specific users. If people land here and see information and content that’s relevant to them, they’ll be more likely to hit download. You’re starting with a unique type of engagement that begins at acquisition. 

Social Credibility Stands Out

Your app store page includes all reviews. The more ratings and reviews you have, the more legitimate your app appears. Not every review will be five stars, and you should reply to those that are and aren’t. Your app profile is the centralized place where users tell their stories, which can be very influential when making decisions to download an app.

You’re More Likely to Obtain High-Quality Users

When your ASO is on point, you will rank better and get more organic attention. Organic users who search are looking for something specific. If your app is the answer, they have a need, and you’re meeting it. That’s a perfect recipe for creating loyal users.

High Rankings Drive Continuous, Sustainable Growth

You always need more users. That’s how you make money; if you rank well, that stream of new users will be stronger. Your app will consistently be in front of people, and they’ll be more inclined to try yours out. 

You’ll Get Great Data, Too

Organic downloads provide a lot of data about users and their behaviors. By analyzing this, you can identify actionable insights affecting how you approach ASO and paid campaigns. 

So, what else do you need to know about ASO and visibility? You’ll want to leverage best practices that help your profiles stand out.

ASO Best Practices to Support Visibility and Organic Engagement

When someone hits your profile page, does it immediately make an impact? To ensure it does, you’ll want to follow these ASO best practices.

  • Use a descriptive subtitle to define what the app does and who should use it. Also, the Apple App Store uses the subtitle for keyword ranking. 
  • Choose keywords that are relevant and as long-tail as possible for less competition and narrower targeting. 
  • Be very visual with crisp screenshots that depict the user experience. Inserting video previews brings this to life even more thoroughly. You can A/B test these to see which ones resonate the most. 
  • Get more ratings and reviews to demonstrate your app’s credibility. Ask your current users for these in multiple channels. 
  • Craft a description that tells a story and grabs the user’s attention. Define what the app does and how it solves a problem or meets a need. Keyword placement is less important for iOS since it doesn’t index this. Google Play does. 


These are just a few examples of how to optimize profiles. It’s a never-ending practice, as you’ll want to refresh content regularly. If using CPPs, create one for every campaign you run to improve results and achieve that organic uplift.

ASO and Ranking Are Key to A More Visible and Popular App

Don’t forget about ASO in your mobile app marketing. Even though it’s not a campaign per se, it’s critical to acquire paid and organic users. The more optimized your profiles and relevant to users, the more significant the impact, which leads to more downloads and higher ranking.

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