The 3 Best Places to Put an Offerwall in Your Casual/Hyper Casual Mobile Game

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The 3 Best Places to Put an Offerwall in Your Casual/Hyper-Casual Mobile Game

Offerwall eCPMs are among the best in the business, but proper placement is key for optimal results

Imagine: Your casual or hyper casual game just hit the market, and it’s doing gangbusters. Installs are plentiful, player retention is good, and you’re hitting your KPIs. Still, you wonder if there’s a way to push things even further — to make sure your players stay engaged rather than churning.

Enter the offerwall. This ad unit meets players where they are, rewarding them with in-game currency they can use to keep playing without spending any more time or money than they desire. That’s a major factor in why offerwalls have among the highest eCPM of any in-app monetization strategy across several genres and a compelling reason to incorporate them in your game.

That said, timing is everything — especially when it comes to placing offerwalls in casual and hyper casual games. Read on to find out how the right offerwall placement can increase visibility and engagement, ultimately improving your monetization efforts.

Why Offerwalls Pop in Casual and Hyper Casual Games

The very nature of the casual and hyper casual games audience makes the genre a perfect fit for an offerwall. The typical casual or hyper casual player isn’t invested — emotionally or financially — in their games, and so is less likely to spend money on IAP. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to keep playing, however. Offerwalls give them a way to do just that, trading them the currency they need in exchange for their time, opinion, or other kind of engagement. Offerwalls are a win/win. Players get to keep playing on their terms while publishers increase overall audience LTV.

If offerwalls sound like the right fit for you, AdAction can help. Our Reward Monetization Marketplace, AdGem, connects advertisers with engaged customers the world over, meeting them where they play with unobtrusive and effective advertising. Book a call with our team today.

Top Offerwall Placements for Casual/Hyper Casual Games

Main Menu

In terms of the sheer volume of eyeballs on your offerwall, there’s likely no better place to put it than on the main menu. Every player who opens your game will pass through this nexus — new and veteran alike. New players may not need the offerwall right away, but they will soon, and having easy access is paramount. The less friction between opening the game and perusing the offerwall, the better. Meanwhile, older players also benefit from easy access to the offerwall. They don’t want to waste time clicking through menus to see what promotions they can dig into that day. Putting the offerwall on the main menu makes the whole process faster and smoother for them, making them that much more likely to follow through on an offer.


To see this strategy in action, look no further than Crowdstar’s Design Home: Dream Makeover, an interior design game with more than 1 million daily active users. With an offerwall easily accessible from the game’s main menu, players are encouraged to keep coming back for more.

In-Game Store

When a player needs an extra in-game boost, they head to the in-game store to browse the available options and decide if they want to pay to advance. Only around 5.2% of mobile app users make in-app purchases, leaving nearly 95% who want to engage more with your game but are unready to make the leap to spending. An in-store offerwall provides more options, and as players complete tasks from the offerwall, they contribute to your revenue KPIs without parting with their money. This allows your game to capitalize even on players who aren’t yet ready to spend.

This is among the most common implementations of the offerwall, and it can be found in almost every game incorporating the feature. One enduringly popular game that places its offerwall in the in-game store is PopCap Games and Electronic Arts’ Plants vs. Zombies 2, which has accrued more than 300 million downloads across Android and iOS. The game may be nearly 10 years old, but that kind of staying power deserves attention in a market known for an audience that constantly craves the new hot thing.

When the Player Gets Stuck

Sometimes it’s not about where you put the offerwall — it’s about when. In many mobile games, running out of one particular currency — energy, for example — means having to take a break, even if only temporarily. It’s often the offramp players use to get out of a game they’d been enjoying, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Priming an offerwall to pop up when that energy counter hits zero means tapping those players who aren’t quite ready to log out and asking if they’d like to go another few rounds in exchange for a little of their time. If they say no thanks, no harm done — they were on their way out the door anyway. But many will say yes, each one that does contributes to your KPIs. It’s a win-win.

This prompt is also useful in games where a lack of hard currency doesn’t slam the brakes on gameplay. In those cases, players may not even realize they’ve run out of energy, but once they do, they may be open to completing an offer to re-up.

EA’s Sims Mobile uses low-currency offerwall prompts, which help it bring in an estimated $400,000 in monthly revenue more than four years after its release.

If you’re ready to try offerwalls in your casual or hyper casual mobile game, AdAction is here to help. From registrations to paid subscriptions, from Android to iOS, our ad unit is ready and able to help regardless of your chosen metric. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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