How Offerwalls Enhance the User Experience

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How Offerwalls Enhance the User Experience

Offerwalls are a unique type of inventory to use in app monetization. They don’t inhibit the user experience as the user initiates them. With so many options to leverage offerwalls, your app can monetize its users without disrupting them. 

In this post, we’ll look at offerwall usage in terms of monetization and why they are such a powerful option.

What Is an Offerwall?

Offerwalls are non-intrusive ad units that monetize apps via incentivized engagements. They are usable in any type of app but used primarily in gaming apps. Offerwalls operate as “storefronts” for users to complete different goals in exchange for in-app currency.

How Offerwalls Enhance the User Experience

How Do Offerwalls Work?

What makes offerwall inventory so attractive and effective is they are 100% user-initiated. They are a stepping stone to engaging users that aren’t spending money in your app. They appear as an opportunity for the user, not an ad. Here’s how the exchange works:

  • Users access the offerwall via traffic drivers.
  • They select an offer with a reward that’s valuable or relevant to them.
  • Next, users review the steps to complete the offer.
  • They complete the event. 
  • Finally, they collect the reward and continue in the app. 


How Offerwalls Improve the User Experience

Other ad units are highly disruptive to user flow if not placed correctly. That can sow discontent in users. Offerwalls allow you to provide a better in-app experience with fewer ads. 

Because there is an exchange of value, the use of offerwalls can keep users on your app longer. The longer they stay, the more engaged they are, providing more opportunities for monetization. That could be highly relevant in moments when players would normally abandon the game if they ran out of coins.

Why Offerwalls Are a Good Fit for Monetization

Since offerwalls keep users engaged and involved, you are more likely to be able to monetize them. Free apps can capitalize on the model to earn revenue when in-app purchases (IAPs) are low or nonexistent. In some cases, offerwalls may lead to IAPs. A study determined that offerwall interaction can make IAP transactions 10 to 14 times more likely

Scaling this tactic is easy. You also have the option to rotate inventory with thousands of campaigns running at the same time. This keeps offers “fresh” and increases the likelihood of engagement. Our internal data finds this to be true, as they contribute to ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user) growth. 

Another plus is that offerwall revenue isn’t subject to platform fees. 

As you can see, these points make a strong case for monetization. So, what best practices should you put in place?

Offerwall Monetization Best Practices

When setting up these campaigns, consider these best practices:

  • Brand your offerwall: By reflecting the look of your app, users recognize it as part of the app experience, not an ad. AdAction can help customize the look and feel of our offerwall to your brand.
  • Segment users: Different users will find different offerwalls attractive. Aligning offers with user attributes increases the chance they’ll interact with them.
  • Create urgency: You should offer limited-time deals with a short timeframe so users act fast. 
  • Make the reward delivery clear: If users complete the task but don’t see the confirmation of their reward, confusion and frustration can occur. 
  • Test lots of rewards: With so many inventory variations, you can always try new strategies to see how users respond. 
  • Use multiple placements: Keep offerwalls top of mind by putting them in numerous areas of your app.
  • Ensure CTAs are clear: Action-focused CTAs drive engagement. You can A/B test her to see which ones work.

Monetize and Improve Experiences with AdAction Offerwall Inventory

These customizable ad units deliver on experience, as well. Offerwall inventory varies by platform, and our portfolio is deep with access to new and unique user bases. Our inventory is available in over 150 countries at cost-effective rates, which drives more revenue for you!

Learn more about offerwalls for monetization by downloading our e-book, Everything App Marketers and Publishers Need to Know About Offerwalls.

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