Introducing Stacks: Influencer Marketing Powered by AdAction

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Introducing Stacks: Influencer Marketing Powered by AdAction

AdAction is excited to introduce a new service for performance-based influencer marketing, Stacks! This new offering brings together the power of AdAction with Stacks influencer technology. 

The platform has a reach of over 800 million followers and focuses on micro-influencers. That category describes people with a larger than average following who aren’t at celebrity levels. They also use their influence to promote products and services relevant to their interests and expertise.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming an in-demand tactic for marketers. In 2022, the industry expects to grow to $16.4 billion. That signals that brands are putting more money into this channel. In fact, 66% plan to increase thier influencer budgets. 

This investment can pay dividends. One study found that influencer marketing performed 11 times better than banner ads. Another found that businesses earn $5.20 for every $1 spent on the tactic on average. 

Why is it so impactful? In general, consumers trust the recommendations of influencers much more than a brand itself. To earn this trust, however, influencers you choose to partner with should be legitimate thought leaders and be relevant in your category. Additionally, it’s not celebrities that deliver these results. Instead, it’s content creators that are legitimately engaging with your target audience and essentially “have their ear.”

An Easy-to-Use Platform That Prioritizes Brand Safety

As you know, brand safety is a practice by companies that take measures to protect the brand and minimize any reputation risk. Our new service makes this a top priority in how it vets influencers. Influencers must install our app. The onboarding team reviews their bio, followers, and content across all social platforms. Based on the evaluation, they will receive approval or denial.

How the Platform Works

Our technology matches influencers and followers with your brand. You won’t need to vet, source, or find them. The social media profiles included are TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube.

It’s a CPI Model

The bidding is a CPI (cost per install) model. Advertisers can view real-time performance data and custom targeting at the influencer level. It’s available for free apps on the Apple Store with a rating of at least 4.5. You can also use Google Play.

How the Match Happens

Accepted influencers browse for campaigns that fit their following, then submit an access request. The client strategy team will either approve or deny.

If approved, the campaign process begins. Creative review occurs before launch by our client strategy team. Brands also have the option to review and approve creative. Once finalized, we create campaign links and go live. There’s also an ongoing feedback loop during the campaign.

The Consumer Experience

The content plays in the feed, and viewers can click a link, which is custom, which then leads to the app’s profile page. If the user downloads the app, you will pay the CPI bid.

Influencer Marketing: Boost Your UA Today

With our performance-based influencer marketing, you only pay when a user downloads. That’s quite different from traditional models. In those scenarios, a company pays an influencer a flat fee to do promotions. There’s no guarantee that these will deliver any results. In this framework, you only pay when there are results. 

Additionally, you are more likely to acquire new users who are more engaged because the app is recommended by a trusted source. That can lead to longer retention and customer lifetime value.

Influencer marketing has exponential growth ahead. Your app can see significant returns in this channel by tapping into micro-influencers and leveraging a performance-based model.

Learn more about Stacks Powered by AdAction today!

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