The Hidden Value of App Store Rank

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In the mobile app space, there are endless combinations of advertising strategies and user acquisition campaigns based on an app’s unique goals, but mobile app marketers all start off with one goal in mind: Drive downloads to increase rank in the iOS App Store. A higher App Store rank leads to more app installs, and more installs lead to that higher rank. How can you effectively combine organic optimizations with Apple Search Ads to hit that coveted spot? Let’s dive in.

Why is App Store Rank Important?

An app’s rank position, especially in search results, has a great impact on how many users install that app. 70% of App Store visitors use search to find apps, and 65% of downloads happen directly after search. Users typically won’t endlessly scroll to find the perfect app, so the top choices usually get the most downloads. The higher an app is ranked in search results makes it the most credible and relevant to users. Developing a strategy to obtain one of those top positions is key.

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How to Drive App Installs?

Driving app installs through organic and paid techniques are two ways to drive conversions and boost your overall ranking in the iOS App Store. Apple Search Ads (ASA) and App Store Optimization (ASO) are the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of UA strategy. ASA brings more users to your product page (the assist), and using ASO to improve your product page converts those users (the slam dunk).

Apple Search Ads

ASA are sponsored ads in the App Store that drive visibility and downloads to an app. These ads appear at the top of search results through keyword bidding and targeting and have a 50% conversion rate. Couple ASA with your ASO efforts to organically rank for highly relevant, high-volume search terms.

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App Store Optimization

ASO is basically SEO of the App Store. Properly optimizing your product page and using the right keywords will help your app rank in relative search results, while enticing users to convert. Effectively using ASO increases your organic installs and cuts acquisition costs.

The iOS App Store is a competitive place, and ranking to increase discoverability and drive downloads is the name of the game. Using organic optimizations symbiotically with paid ads can increase visibility and installs. Our team can help you navigate the App Store and reach your rank goals. Get started today!

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