6 Ways to Increase App Store Ranking and Visibility

increase app store ranking

The iOS App Store has been around for over a decade, growing to host over two million apps with more than 500 million weekly visitors. Increasing App Store ranking requires a strong strategy. 

In a space where mobile apps are anything but scarce, how do advertisers stand out among the competition? By taking advantage of features like App Store Optimization (ASO) and Apple Search Ads (ASA), advertisers can improve app store visibility and increase app installs to ultimately drive organic uplift. Check out these six ways to increase App Store ranking and visibility.

App Landing Page Optimization

ASO is the process of improving the discoverability of a mobile app in the App Store to appear in more search results and drive installs. An app’s landing page is the perfect starting point for optimization to increase app store ranking. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but if an app’s landing page isn’t engaging, it could negatively impact a user’s choice to download. Start by picking up to 10 attractive screenshots and three video previews to highlight key app functions and hook those users. Now that Dark Mode is an option with iOS 13, consider choosing at least one screenshot to show users how that will appear in the app experience.

An app's product page in the iOS app store
Image Source: Apple


Hook Users with Subtitle and Description

Next, it’s all about the content. Craft a concise subtitle that describes the value and use case of your app in 30 characters. Avoid generic phrasing like “super fun game!” Then, use the description to highlight unique features and functionality more in depth. Let users know why they should download the app and how it will benefit them. This is where brand voice can shine and you can connect with your audience. Only the first sentence will likely be shown before users have to click to read more, so make it strong to get them hooked. 

An app's description section in the iOS App Store
Image Source: Apple


Don’t worry too much about keywords in the subtitle and description. The keyword field is where you can strategize based on what the intended audience would search to find the app. Use keywords that describe key app features and functionality so Apple’s algorithm can include the app in relevant searches. Subtitle, description, and keywords can all be updated when you submit a new version of your app.

Don’t Forget About Promotional Text

Remember the importance of promotional text. This feature doesn’t impact App Store rating, so you don’t have to stress about keywords. Promotional text is a great way to engage users and showcase seasonal news about the app since it doesn’t require a full app release to update. This text appears at the top of the app description, so use the 170 characters to address any updates, limited-time promotions, or cool features coming soon. 

Choose the Right App Category

An app should be assigned the primary category that is most relevant to its function. This will help increase discoverability through App Store browsing and filtered search results, and determines if the app will be placed in the Apps or Games tab. It may be tempting to choose a less competitive category for your app, but this will ultimately work against your App Store success.

List of app categories in the iOS App Store on an iPhone
Image Source: Apple


Look to Your Loyal Users

Ratings and reviews also impact a user’s choice to install. Positive ratings and reviews begin with the app experience, so listen to your users and provide them with the best and most updated version of your app. Don’t be afraid to ask those loyal users for reviews to increase your overall rating. Having more positive ratings will encourage new users to install seeing that the app is verified and trusted by others.

An app's reviews in the iOS App Store
Image Source: Apple


Take Advantage of Apple Search Ads

Search Ads are a great companion for an app with a properly optimized page and can be leveraged to increase App Store visibility. ASA are ads that appear at the top of App Store search and have an average conversion rate of 50%. These ads use keyword matching from your app’s metadata and category to be placed at the top of relevant search results. This comes with strategically crafting all landing page metadata while including relevant, top-performing keywords for the ad to pull from. ASA consists of metadata, video, and imagery used on your listing page, so be mindful of the visual elements that best illustrate your app. 

Use These Tips to Increase App Store Ranking

Why is this all crucial to an app’s success? Nearly 65% of downloads come directly from App Store search. The higher an app appears in search results, the more relevant it is to users. The more users download your app, the higher it will be in search results. See the connection? Your paid and organic efforts will work together to maximize your app’s visibility, search rank, and ultimately drive organic installs from high-quality users. After all, why create the latest, hot app if it’s only going to be buried in the depths of the App Store? Contact our team to start strategizing and boost your App Store rank

Note: This post was originally published in September 2018 and has been updated for accuracy.

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