AdAction’s Women in Mobile: Livvie Sikora

AdAction's Women in Mobile Livvie Sikora

Welcome back to AdAction’s Women in Mobile series, where we hear from the leading ladies of AdAction’s Demand, Developer Relations, and Media Strategy teams. In our new installment, we sat down with Livvie Sikora, Manager of Media Strategy. Livvie oversees campaign management of AdAction’s three traffic channels. She guides her team and tracks traffic levels, establishes channel projections, and makes sure communication between internal teams and resources is on point.  

What do you like most about your role and the mobile industry?

As the industry changes, so does my role because we have to adapt to new strategies. These industry shifts keep me on my toes because there is always something new around the corner. A lot of the strategies we were using when I started five years ago are irrelevant today. As a company, we know the industry will continue to change and we want to be ahead of those changes. It’s all about preparing and adjusting how we work. Those changes keep the job interesting and continually challenge me.

Best tip or strategy you’ve given to your team?

There are a lot of moving parts within my team so I always tell them to slow down and focus on the action item at hand. Don’t rush through one task to get to the next. Take a second to strategize and prep for the task so you can complete it quickly and efficiently. Efficiency is key!

What does high-quality traffic look like to you? 

There are a variety of things we measure, but we typically go off of clients’ KPIs. We lean on our advertisers for insight on sources providing high-quality traffic. Once we get their feedback, we can better strategize and optimize toward their goals. I also collaborate with Ale and the Developer Relations team to get their insights on publisher development and potential future opportunities. 

How have you navigated an industry that’s historically been seen as a boy’s club?

I’ve been fortunate to not have any challenges presented due to being a female in a “male-dominated” industry. When I first started at AdAction, I was the only female on the Media team, but the guys at AdAction never treated me any differently. I was just their team member and not “the only girl.” 

Do you have an industry prediction for the rest of 2021?

With the new privacy changes from Apple, I think budgets will shift more toward Android from iOS, but only time will tell. Although budgets may shift from one OS to another, I believe the number of smartphone users and apps will continue to soar, along with the amount of money users are willing to spend in apps. 

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