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Welcome back to AdAction’s Women in Mobile, where we hear from the leading ladies of AdAction’s demand, developer relations, and media strategy teams. In our new installment, we spoke with Alejandra Troncoso, Developer Relations Team Lead. Alejandra is a techy account manager for publishers who happen to be app developers. She leads her team to recruit new publishers while maintaining and growing our current accounts.

What do you like most about your role and the mobile industry?

Our product, the AdGem offerwall, is tailored to our publishers, so I make sure that I understand their needs, how our product works for them, and what will be the greatest benefit and value to new publishers. Being so close to our offerwall, I get to help make new features and strategize future iterations. That’s definitely my favorite part and it’s super exciting. 

I like that the industry is so niche because your knowledge and experience are extremely valuable. A lot of people can have marketing experience, but marketing in mobile is very specific. It’s challenging because the industry changes by the minute. Today you can know everything there is to know about mobile, and tomorrow everything can turn on a dime. It always keeps you on your toes and keeps you learning; you don’t get bored and there’s always a challenge.

How do you stay on top of industry trends and changes?

By being open-minded. No matter how many articles you read, or how in touch you are with your publishers, be malleable and adaptable to industry changes. I stay close with my publishers, learn what’s new, and have open conversations where I can see things from multiple perspectives.

What has been the best tip you’ve given a publisher this year?

To make sure publishers are aware of different user behaviors. Many times, publishers will want to stick with one thing that’s worked in the past, but not every user is the same. Strategizing to meet more needs of your target users results in more money. It’s all about maximizing the revenue potential of each publisher based on these unique user behaviors.

AdAction's women in mobile

Have you had to help any publishers pivot their strategy during Covid?

Luckily for our industry, at the beginning of the pandemic more people were at home and using their phones, increasing volume. We collaborated cross-departmentally to make sure we had the right campaigns and the increase in demand for the uptick in traffic our publishers had. Once people started returning to their normal routines, we had to help publishers maintain that momentum for the long run.

How have you navigated an industry that’s historically been seen as a boy’s club?

Other people may present challenges because of social dynamics, like being a woman in a men’s club, but I come in with the mentality that I don’t care. If a door is closed, I’m going to kick it open. It’s nice to have equal opportunities and to have more doors open, and I understand that sometimes things aren’t fair, but if you want something, kick down that door!

What do you think will be the next big thing in rewarded monetization?

I think we’ll have to find ways of creating unique value, by making something new that captivates user attention a lot more, especially with rewarded traffic. The industry is shifting toward more quality users and downstream activity. Before rewarded traffic evolved into what it is today, that quality wasn’t a thing. Now that the quality has improved, the industry will have to find more ways to engage. Maybe that’s bringing in playable and interactive ads to rewarded traffic. I think everyone is trying to find ways to increase campaign quality overall.

Do you have an industry prediction for the rest of 2021?

I think the changes with iOS are making things complicated for the other industry giants. Because of that, I believe we’ll gain new and better ways of tracking while still respecting user privacy. I think the industry is evolving with the iOS update and new solutions will be created. 

Stay tuned for our next edition of AdAction’s Women in Mobile, where we’ll hear from Livvie Sikora, Media Strategy Manager. In the meantime, subscribe to our AdAction Connect newsletter to get the latest mobile marketing insights delivered to your inbox each month.

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