AdAction’s Women in Mobile: Mariah Chee Mármol

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Welcome back to our new series AdAction’s Women in Mobile, where we hear from the leading ladies of AdAction’s demand, developer relations, and media strategy teams. In our latest installment, we sat down with Mariah Chee Mármol, Media Strategist, who recently celebrated her third anniversary with the company. Mariah is a media mastermind who vets sources, delves into data, and works alongside our Account Management team to strategize client ad spend and increase user engagement.

What’s the most exciting thing about your role?

I love how versatile my role is. No strategy or media plan is the same. It’s all about adaptability when helping clients advertise and monetize their apps through high-quality user acquisition. The mobile app marketing industry is ever-changing, so it’s really about tapping into your creative and analytic side.

How do you stay on top of industry trends and changes?

Marketing Twitter is my Holy Grail. I’m also an avid reader and subscriber to theCLIKK, which is a daily dose of digital advertising that gives you a quick overview of what’s happening along with tips and tricks. I also like to engage with articles on LinkedIn and Business Insider.

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What does high-quality traffic look like to you?

It’s important to give a sample size of traffic to each source so we can make a more accurate decision about the quality of the traffic. We gauge quality on multiple metrics, including but not limited to traffic placement transparency, fraud, volume, retention, and ROAS or ROI. High-quality traffic means that a source is consistent; they’re not running traffic one day and then dropping off the next. They should also have substantial volume and be able to hit and exceed our clients’ KPIs.

How do you hit and maintain high EPCs?

Having high EPCs are crucial so publishers and users are more enticed to interact with our media. Because of the competitive nature of our industry, we coach our clients on what rates can bring them the most Qualume™ (quality installs in volume). The higher the EPC means the higher the visibility the offers have to our users, which inevitably means more organic downloads and engagement for our clients.

How have you navigated an industry that’s historically seen as a boy’s club?

AdAction itself has never felt like a boy’s club. But in general, confidence is key. I’m very confident in myself and my skillset so I’m able to own my voice and assert my knowledge. I’ve learned that you are your biggest advocate. It’s important to know what you bring to the table and what you deserve, regardless of the industry norms.

What are your industry predictions for the rest of the year?

Right now the biggest obstacle is our adaption to iOS 14.5 and ATT. iOS is a huge aspect of user acquisition for clients because we know how well it monetizes. There’s going to be a learning curve in how we keep that revenue and drive those users and engagement. There are a few other trends I’m keeping on my radar, like augmented reality in apps — that’s going to have a huge breakthrough this year. As an avid shopper, I’m excited to see how that technology affects user engagement. I’m also keeping an eye out for post-Covid effects. How are people going to be engaging with media? What’s going to be important to them? How do brands and apps keep that awareness and cater to this new norm and new user behavior? This has been a pivotal year for all, and I look forward to seeing what new trends emerge.

Stay tuned for our next edition of AdAction’s Women in Mobile, where we’ll hear from Alejandra Troncoso, Developer Relations Team Lead. In the meantime, subscribe to our AdAction Connect newsletter to get the latest mobile marketing insights delivered to your inbox each month.

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