Is Your Mobile App Advertising Stalling? 6 Tips to Achieve Positive ROAS

app advertising stalling

Mobile app advertising is a competitive landscape. With millions of apps available on the app stores, you’ll be vying for visibility and new users no matter your category. While there are many mobile app marketing approaches, not all of them will deliver a positive return on advertising spend (ROAS). 

If your mobile app advertising tactics are stalling, consider these tips to get you back in the black when it comes to ad dollars.

What’s a Good ROAS?

There’s no universal benchmark for a “good” ROAS. Ultimately, it comes down to user acquisition (UA) and the monetary value they provide attributable to ad campaigns. There’s also no magic timeframe for positive ROAS. In some cases, it could be fast, such as with burst campaigns. In others, it could take 60 to 90 days, depending on the strategy.

However, if the numbers just aren’t painting the picture of your expectations, you may need to switch tactics or be more strategic with the inventory and platforms you use. 

Let’s look at ways to get your app advertising out of idle mode and into full gear.

1. Improve ASO

App Store Optimization (ASO) is critical to maximizing your ad spend. Without an optimized profile, interested users may keep scrolling if they land there via an ad. There are multiple pieces to your app’s pages on the iOS App Store and Google Play. You’ll need to ensure you have a descriptive title, well-chosen keywords, powerful visuals, an app preview video, and reviews. For some in-depth tips on ASO, download our app ranking infographic.

2. Use a Performance-Based Reward Platform

The first step to boost UA is leveraging the best reward platform. There are many options, but not all are created equal. You’ll see better, more consistent results with a performance-based reward platform. In the case of AdAction’s Reward Platform, we own and operate it with the understanding that it’s performance-based, connecting advertisers with engaged audiences. We’re able to do this across Android, iOS, mobile web, and desktop.

3. Diversify Reward Campaign Types

There are multiple reward campaign options. To achieve positive ROAS, you are likely to see this happen quicker by using a variety of tactics rather than putting all your dollars in one bucket. 

  • Burst campaigns: These short, concentrated keyword and category campaigns can skyrocket UA when positioned well. You’ll see both paid and organic downloads. That’s because users downloading from ads cause your app rank to climb. That increased visibility leads to organic lift so that you can attribute these non-paid users to the campaign, as well. 
  • Cost per install (CPI) campaigns: This tactic delivers a high volume of users, but you only pay when the install occurs. There’s less risk, more reward.
  • Cost per engagement (CPE) campaigns: To earn money from users, you often need them to complete an in-app action post-install. That’s what CPEs do for your app. Expect higher quality conversions from this approach.

4. Leverage Offerwalls and Featured Placement Inventory

Offerwalls are one of the best reward ad types because they’re non-intrusive units. They are highly versatile, working great for top-funnel and deep-funnel events. Additionally, featured placements put the spotlight on your ad, which can increase volume and scale. 

5. Go Non-Traditional with Social Media Influencers

app advertising stalling social influencer

Can social media influencers really help your ROAS? Using social media influencers is certainly a non-traditional path. It can be very successful but don’t think you have to spend tens of thousands to get someone to endorse your app.

We recommend performance-based social media influencer marketing. In this model, influencers only get paid when users download the app from the trackable link in their post. This process has many advantages. It’s highly scalable and can deliver substantial reach. We match influencers with brands for this type of campaign, so you can be assured they are vetted and align with your target audience.

6. Protect Against Fraud

Ad fraud costs the industry billions every year. Bots and mobile device farms can significantly blow up your ad spend. Be sure that your mobile app marketing partner has protocols in place to protect against ad fraud. 

Get the Most Out of App Advertising 

No matter your budget or objectives, you should feel confident that your ads deliver a return. If they aren’t, then it’s time to consider alternatives. We develop customized media plans with our clients that deliver incremental traffic and growth, pushing you to realize positive ROAS. Contact our mobile user acquisition team to learn more.  

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