Can’t Stop Chronicles: Livvie Sikora, Media Strategist

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What would any company be without its amazing team members? Here at AdAction, we’ve developed a team of incredible people who bring their own unique qualities and strengths to the table. This team of innovative individuals is part of what makes AdAction different from other companies, coming together to push the business to its full potential.

Who are these people, you ask? We’re going to introduce them to you in our series – Can’t Stop Chronicles – to help put a face to the driving force behind our “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” motto. For our next spotlight, we got to know a little more about Livvie Sikora, Media Strategist and Austin native.

What does the day-to-day of a Media Strategist look like?

After catching up on emails and Slack messages, I pull stat reports and see how our owned-and-operated traffic performed and how we were trending the previous day. My role also has a lot of collaboration with the Denver office, specifically with the Business Development and Data Science teams. Business Development brings us new offers and gives us budgets, goals, etc. Then Data Science helps me analyze traffic from compliance and trends.

You’ve been with AdAction two and a half years and have been promoted twice…how did you get to where you are today?

I knew almost nothing about the mobile app industry when I started, even today I’m still learning. I leaned on my team to help me build up that knowledge base, constantly asking questions or writing down different buzzwords to secretly look up later. As I began to learn more, I got to put all that knowledge to the test with my work, and still do today. So, the resources AdAction has given me, some hard work, and the people are how I got to where I am after two and a half years.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

It would have to be seeing the impact we have on our client’s campaign. Whether it be a keyword burst or hitting a KPI goal, that feeling when we succeed is priceless and it never gets old. I’m always looking for that next goal to crush.

What one piece of career advice would you give someone wanting to get into the mobile industry?

Research. Start on YouTube, there are so many videos that will write everything out for you and give great examples. Be sure to read the comments because sometimes they provide links to useful articles and blogs. Also, grab onto buzzwords and look them up.

Livvie’s strong work ethic is recognized in both our offices, and it’s that drive and passion that led to her exponential career growth. When she isn’t working hard, Livvie enjoys running, hanging out with her friends and family, and you can even catch her practicing for the office’s cornhole league. Let’s get to know even more about the upbeat and outgoing Austin native.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Any toppings?

Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Dough by Ben & Jerry’s. I just finished a pint last night. No toppings, just as it is.

What song could you set as your alarm and wake up to everyday?

“Follow Your Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves  — it just pumps you up and makes you feel good.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Any reality show on Bravo.

What are you currently binge-watching?

This is so embarrassing, but I’m watching Charmed from ‘90s for at least the third time.

What is something that a ton of people are obsessed with but you just don’t get the point of?

Game of Thrones. I don’t get it. Everyone in our office is obsessed and dressing up when it comes out, but I’ve never gotten into it.

Interested in learning more about our one-of-a-kind team? Visit our Careers page to get the inside scoop on our company culture, and check out our open positions if you’re interested in joining the AdAction family.

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