2023 App Trends to Plan Your Advertising Strategy

User Acquisition Campaigns for Mobile Apps

2023 App Trends to Plan Your Advertising Strategy

As the New Year begins, you’ll want to revisit your app advertising strategy. You may have new goals to achieve that will impact your plan. There are also recent app trends on the horizon, and app marketers should leverage these trends for their 2023 plan.

Get ready for a successful year ahead by understanding and leveraging these 2023 app trends!

Consumers Continue High Adoption of M-Commerce

In looking at how consumers can make purchases, m-commerce has become a major player. In 2023, experts estimate that m-commerce will represent over 8% of all retail transactions and will continue to rise.

Image: Insider Intelligence

Image: Insider Intelligence

Retail shoppers appreciate the convenience and functionality, which is why 55% downloaded at least one new shopping app in 2021. The use of m-commerce during the 2022 holiday season grew, with visits up 22%. The engagement and desire to use mobile apps for shopping exist; you just have to capitalize on them.

Here are a few quick ideas:

  • Launch burst keyword campaigns that focus on m-commerce keywords and needs.
  • Continue to nurture the relationship after the user downloads the app with CPE (cost per engagement) options that reward them for creating an account or making a first purchase.
  • Use offerwalls to drive UA (user acquisition) with a provider that has unique inventory and placements.
  • Review your app profile on both stores and add new imagery or video of what makes the shopping experience in the app better.
  • Partner with a social media influencer with a niche following that correlates to your target audience in a performance-based CPI (cost per install) model.

New and Advanced Features Could Be Your Ticket to More Downloads

The world of apps is broad and elevated, thanks to technology’s constant evolution. For many apps, especially those in the utility space, the differentiator is all the features. Many incorporate AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and AI (artificial intelligence). 

If your app recently added these updates or plan to, you’ll want to deploy a campaign about this. You’ll need first to make an audience aware of what’s possible with updates to ASO (app store optimization), where people will land from CPI campaigns that use language to laud these new features. 

Consider working with an influencer to demonstrate the additions. For example, if your app has many digital tools for those in the construction or home improvement industry, work with someone with expertise and experience as well as a following of these types of users. 

Finally, you’ll want to diversify your ad tactics to get the word out, using in-app advertising, social media marketing, display ads, and even OTT/CTV (over-the-top/connected TV).

Blending Ad Spending with Organic Promotion

It’s no secret that 2023 will be uncertain in terms of the economy and consumer confidence. 2022 saw IAP (in-app purchases) decline over most categories. Your UA budget might be smaller, as well. Thus, you’ll need to be more resourceful, and one option is to integrate paid and organic tactics. 

Your UA campaigns to drive installs will be critical to attracting new users. The same creative you use in ads should be prominent on your website, social profiles, and ASO. It’s an opportunity to have a consistent message so that your ad dollars go further and your ROAS (return on ad spend) is higher.

Making IAPs More Attractive

As noted, IAPs are down, significantly so in gaming. If your revenue streams rely on IAPs, it’s time to disrupt that strategy. By looking at your data, you should be able to determine:

  • What IAPs are most popular and why
  • When IAPs are purchased the most (i.e., at what time interval after downloading)
  • Shared attributes of those users that make IAPs


From this information, you can build a CPE campaign with your mobile app marketing partner to isolate moments and types of users that could use a nudge. Incentivizing the purchase isn’t new, but with the data you have and more that you’ll generate, you can clearly see what gets people to spend.

Mobile App Trends in ’23: Are You Ready to Leverage Them for Success?

App marketing is a dynamic field, with so many factors impacting installs, engagement, and purchases. By understanding these trends and how they relate to your app and audience, you can plan more accurately for the year ahead.

Your strategy can be even more enriched when you work with the experts at AdAction. Our ad network drives Qualume™ (quality users at volume) for mobile apps at scale through performance-based marketing. See how we do it by getting in touch today.

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