5 Gaming Apps That Are Playing to Win

5 Gaming Apps That Are Playing to Win | Mobile Gaming Apps | AdAction.com

5 Gaming Apps That Are Playing to Win

Gaming apps are one of the most popular app categories. There are multiple segments within gaming (casual, hyper-casual, RPG). The industry is a strong performer; however, Q2 2022 app data reflected a reduction in spending.

In this dynamic environment, you’ll need creative strategies to reach your UA (user acquisition) and engagement goals. For inspiration, check out these gaming apps playing to win.

Gaming App Ad Campaign Ideas to Leverage

What’s the secret to a high-performing mobile gaming app campaign? It depends on your game type, competitive landscape, budget, and audience. Here are a few ideas that could influence your next campaign.

Archero Presents New Gaming Event with User Experience Sneak Peaks

Archero is an action-adventure game, and created ads relating to a new event of choosing portals in an ancient maze. Through a series of gameplay scenes, viewers experience the new feature while also learning about upgrades that are available. The ad is especially effective because it captures the excitement of the game by providing this sneak peek! 

Watch the video below:


A video like this could be part of your app profile page, which users would land on through CPI (cost per install) campaigns. For this to work well, your ad should be specific to a new experience. For iOS, you can launch CPPs (custom profile pages) to showcase that particular event.

Candy Crush Saga Keeps Its Addicting Format Visible

Candy Crush Saga stays at the top of the gaming charts because of its casual game appeal. They heavily promote the game through ads on other apps, count on the user’s familiarity with the brand and utilize various app channels to be everywhere. Additionally, they continuously release new creative and localize their product pages based on different regions. 

They don’t rest on their name visibility. Rather, Candy Crush actively sustains UA tactics to drive more new users to their app and hook them. These users turn into consistent payers, as the app was the top-grossing game in the U.S. iOS as of September 1, 2022.

POP! Slots Leverages CPEs to Retain Users

The casino slot category is crowded, but there are still creative ways to gain and retain users. POP! Slots does this well with mid-funnel CPEs (cost per engagement) events. CPEs require that a user spends some time in the app with triggered events, many times through offerwall rewards. POP! Slots does this at Levels 12 and 17, as they recognize these as valuable. 

The key to this tactic is the data you gain on user behavior. Defining the ideal timing of initiating a CPE makes it more attractive to players.

Zynga Card Games Use Evergreen Campaigns for Steady UA

Zynga offers a variety of card games, from social casino poker to solitaire. They have over 38 million players, which helps with rank management. They sustain this with evergreen campaigns to keep install numbers steady. This concerned effort of CPIs allows them to understand what they must spend to acquire users, both via paid and organic avenues. The organic calculation’s basis is the organic lift that comes with CPIs. 

Because Zynga is consistent in its campaigns, its usership doesn’t incur a lot of volatility. Through these initiatives, they’ve managed to keep cost per user, in both categories, low.

Solitaire Deluxe Launches CPI/CPE Hybrids to Attract and Keep Users

Card games often suffer from drop-offs in time spent in the app after the initial install. To reverse this, Solitaire Deluxe uses CPI/CPE hybrids. They are CPI cost models with CPE language. These perform much better than generic copy as they plant the seed of value from the start. The example below uses “Download and win 3 games to unlock this content,” which yielded greater retention.

Put Your Mobile Gaming Apps in Play with AdAction

These are just a few examples of the portfolio of options gaming app marketers have. For success in meeting UA goals, testing out these practices can deliver excellent results. You’ll be in the game when you work with our experts! Get started by downloading our e-book, A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Game App Advertising, or connect with us today!

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