Finding the Right UA Campaign for Your Goals

Finding the Right UA Campaign for Your Goals | UA Campaigns |

When defining what strategy your UA (user acquisition) should follow, your specific goals are your guide. Within the high-level goal of acquiring users, you’ll have more granular objectives such as increasing downloads, improving engagement, ranking higher on the app store or expanding to new geos or segments. So, what UA campaigns align best for these? Keep reading to find out!

App Goals and User Acquisition Campaigns

UA campaigns involve a full spectrum of ad types, including CPI (cost per install), CPE (cost per engagement), CPI/CPE hybrids, keyword bursts, and offerwalls. Next, we’ll look at app goals and how to achieve them with UA initiatives.

Get More Downloads

If you’re eager to add new users, you can reach this objective in several ways. Your decision will depend on your budget, target audience, app category, and other factors. Big budgets mean you can run keyword bursts, which are CPI campaigns that last for a short time with a concentrated spend. They drive exploring users to your app’s profile, and you can inspect installs from the activity. The influx of users will help your app increase its ranking, which enables greater app visibility. As a result, you can see an organic lift.

If you want to convert and retain users, consider CPI/CPE hybrids. The cost model is CPI, but the ad language includes a reference to take an action once the download is complete. There is often an offer associated with it as well. For example, utility apps can use “Download the App and Start Your 14-Day Free Trial.”

Gaining downloads can also leverage cross-channel advertising, with CPIs found in display ads, social media ads, and content posts from industry-specific influencers.

Turn Up Engagement

If your app experiences less than ideal retention, your strategy for acquisition should include engagement, too. Users aren’t valuable to you if they uninstall. You can start it off with the CPI/CPE hybrids. Then move to more specific CPEs through the funnel (early, medium, and deep). Here are examples:

  • CPE early: These are the hybrid campaigns that strive to get a user to take one action immediately after installation (e.g., complete a tutorial, stream a podcast, create an account).
  • CPE medium: The next phase is usually within the first 24 to 48 hours after installation. They plant the seed for long-term retention.
  • CPE deep: Apps that want to use their budget on engaged users can sustain with these tactics. Events that fit here are usually revenue-related, such as making an m-commerce purchase, subscribing to an app, or making an IAP (in-app purchase).

Offerwalls are also ideal for engagement. Trigger offers at critical moments of user experiences, from in-game currency awards to extended trials to other appealing offers; you can do a lot with this ad unit. The great thing is that they are user-initiated and don’t appear like a traditional ad.

Use UA Strategy to Boost Your Rank

Your app will be a prime spot for attention from searchers with UA campaigns that help boost your rank. The more installs you receive, along with other quality factors, determine your category rank. Driving downloads through CPI bursts can give you a significant boost.

When developing these tactics, don’t forget to work on ASO (app store optimization). The ad only gets people to that page. You still have to communicate the value of your app before they click. Do that with compelling descriptions that lead with benefits, vivid screenshots, and user experience video snippets.

You can maintain your ranking with sustained campaigns that drive install traffic. It’s consistent volume at lower rates and works best for apps in commoditized verticals.

Expand to New Geos or Audience Segments

If you’re ready to take your app to a new region or audience, you’ll need a strategic UA campaign to get in front of these people. Offerwalls are a good option to break into a new realm. The key will be working with a partner that has a robust ad network and can launch both CPI and CPE campaigns on Android and iOS. This flexibility and reach are crucial!

Targeted CPIs for specific geos or user attributes can also introduce your app to a greater community. Be sure to explain the value and credibility of your app in these campaigns

AdAction’s Perfect Mix: UA Campaigns That Achieve Goals

No matter your goal, you’ll want to use multiple strategies to achieve it. AdAction’s mobile app experts have deployed thousands of UA campaigns that delivered on objectives. Connect with us today to start building yours!

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