Closing on Conversions: Growth Strategies for Real Estate Apps

Closing on Conversions: Growth Strategies for Real Estate Apps

Real estate apps have become useful tools for real estate agents, homeowners, renters, and buyers. They provide interactive ways to view listings. It’s a technology-friendly way to connect inventory with buyers. The apps also often provide information about renovations and home warranty and repairs.

But do people really shop for houses on mobile devices? According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 80% of millennials did so. The demand for virtual tours continues to increase during the pandemic. The real estate industry, for the most part, isn’t receding. The logistics are changing, making real estate apps a vital asset for the industry.

So, how can you leverage advertising strategies to acquire new users and retain them?

Strategies for Real Estate Apps

Here are some strategies we’ve used that generated positive results.

High-Intent User Acquisition and Retention

While driving engaged users past the initial conversion is a solid goal, first set your focus on acquiring new, high-intent users. We’ve seen success using leads, whether that be calls, emails, or texts.

Target individuals who are in the mindset of home buying and selling, or even in need of maintenance, to find users who will convert and bring value to your app. Look for people researching real estate agents, mortgage lending companies, and home repair needs like plumbing or electricians.

Targeting high-intent users on the front end and pushing them to complete in-app engagements via CPE (cost per engagement) campaigns will yield qualified users who’ve experienced your app and are more likely to stay.

Advanced Demographic Targeting

Also, consider demographic targeting with your advertising strategy. Think beyond the standard targeting parameters like age, location, and language. Think about focusing on some real estate specific traits like new homeowners, renters, or people over a certain income that might want to take the next step in life like buying a house.

Keeping Users Engaged

Now that you’re acquiring quality users, you need to sustain engagement. One strategy you can employ is prioritizing downstream events. Events like driving cost per first sale, cost per first contact, and email registrations keep highly engaged users interacting with your app.

We’ve seen success when starting a CPI (cost per install)-based campaign, and then leveraging our Reward platform with these deeper funnel events. Users engaging with the app post-install are extremely valuable. Set a plan to continue acquisition growth of these revenue-driving, long-tail users who spend ample time in your app.

Ready to Boost Your Real Estate App’s Growth?

Real estate apps are integral to the home buying and rental sectors. They are likely to become more sophisticated, leveraging virtual reality (VR) and other technologies for impactful user experiences.

Learn more about how we can help your app optimize user acquisition, sustain growth, and retain users today!


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