Why You Should Tap AdAction’s Mobile Monetization Platform for the Greatest App Growth Possible

Why You Should Tap AdAction's Mobile Monetization Platform for the Greatest App Growth Possible | App Monetization | AdAction.com

Why Choose AdAction for App Monetization?

App monetization is a vital revenue maker for free apps or those with non-paying users. While there are many options for mobile monetization platforms, they aren’t all equal. If your monetization results are a bit lackluster, you should explore all the possibilities. There’s likely a better solution that supports the user experience while also generating more dollars for you.

What Is a Mobile Monetization Platform?

First, let’s start with the basics and define what a mobile monetization platform is. Such a solution is a network of offerwall inventory available for app marketers and developers to acquire or monetize users across iOS, Android, mobile web, and desktop. The ad unit, an offerwall, is user-initiated and non-intrusive, so they tend to work better than traditional ads. There’s a value exchange, as well. Users engage and receive an incentive.

Learn all about offerwalls in our e-book, Everything App Marketers and Publishers Need to Know About Offerwalls.

How Offerwalls Work

Offerwalls are super easy for users to engage with and offer them rewards. Here’s how they work:

  1. A user accesses an offerwall via an app or website when they want to earn a reward. 
  2. Users then review the rewards available and what action they need to take to acquire them. 
  3. The user then engages and completes the event, concluding with the collection of the reward. 
  4. Users get what they want, and apps earn revenue that’s not dependent on in-app purchases (IAPs) or other ad options.

Use Cases for Offerwalls

So, how can you deploy offerwalls? And does the mobile monetization platform you use determine how much heavy lifting you must do?

We typically see offerwalls used in these ways:

  • Virtual currency: Any app or website that runs on virtual currency is a good fit for offerwalls, as players can engage to earn more of this, keeping in the game longer. 
  • Digital storefronts: These spaces allow users to engage at any time to earn additional rewards. 
  • Alternative payment solutions: Provide this as a means for players to engage with offers and receive discount codes, promotions, or products. It could also influence them to make an IAP finally or subscribe.
  • Premium content: Try out offerwalls to highlight ad-free trials as the reward. Once they have this experience, there’s a higher chance they’ll convert to subscribers.

Each of these opportunities is possible on AdAction’s monetization platform. With unique attributes and the support of monetization experts, you won’t be going it alone with AdAction.

The AdAction Difference

When comparing mobile monetization platforms, you’ll find gaps across the market. AdAction’s offerwall, however, is best in its class. Here’s why:

  • Select from multiple streamlined integration options, including SDK, iFrame, and API.
  • Access continuously and automatically refreshed lists of the industry’s top advertisers looking to reward users for trying their products.
  • Attract users with premium, brand-name merchants with dynamic rewards based on engagement level.
  • Complement IAPs and boost user engagement.
  • Reach users in over 180 countries. 
  • Customize the look for a native experience.
  • Use it for various rewards: in-game currency, cash back, donations, subscriptions, and premium content access. 
  • Integrate across iOS, Android, mobile web, and desktop.
  • Promote mobile app offers to desktop users via proprietary technology.
  • Take advantage of a sorting algorithm that show offers to users based on their previous offerwall interactions.
  • View real-time analytics 24-7.
  • Collaborate with monetization experts and a customer support team. 
  • Feel confident with real-time fraud prevention. 

Ready to learn more about monetization with AdAction? Connect with us to get started.

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