The 5 Best Places to Put an Offerwall In Your Social Casino Mobile Game

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The 5 Best Places to Put an Offerwall in Your Social Casino Mobile Game

Learn what makes offerwalls a great fit for social casino games and where to feature them for the best results

Cranking the handle, watching the drums spin, and eagerly awaiting your potential payout is one of the most classic gaming experiences out there, drawing in players ever since slot machines were first invented sometime in the late 1800s. But not everybody can make it to a casino when they want to play, and not everybody can afford to risk a bundle of cash to have a fun night at the slots or tables.

That’s where social casino mobile games come in and why the genre has enjoyed steady growth for nearly a decade at least. Though it’s a genre that brings in much of its revenue from big spenders, relying solely on them could be an increasingly risky proposition as the rapid growth of online gambling tempts away whales who may be more interested in cashing out for real-life currency. Forward-thinking social casino mobile game creators are exploring more ways to monetize all of their players, and the proven strength of offerwalls makes incorporating that kind of ad unit a natural next step. But where do they fit best along the glitz and glamor of your mobile casino?

How Offerwalls Slot Into Social Casino Games

If you aren’t already familiar with offerwalls, here’s a quick primer on how they can work with social casino games: Say a slots player is on a cold streak, and they’re out of free pulls. They could make an in-app purchase to get more spins, but they may not be in the mood to spend right now.

Guiding players to an offerwall instead lets them choose how they want to engage with a wide selection of featured promotions. They choose the task they find most interesting — like filling out a market research survey or reaching a certain level in another game — and then they come back to your game to enjoy the rewards they just unlocked. The same concept of self-driven engagement easily transfers to any kind of social casino games, whether you invite players to enjoy slots, cards, craps, or beyond.

AdGem, our leading Reward Monetization Marketplace, connects advertisers with engaged audiences all over the world with an emphasis on the user. If you’d like to learn more about how offerwalls can start driving quality at volume for your business, AdAction is ready to help.

5 of the Best Offerwall Placements for Social Casino Games

Looking for the best spot to implement an offerwall into your existing slate of social casino games or for inspiration on where to build them into an upcoming title? Here are five of the most promising placements.

Right Where Players Need More Chips

There’s no better place to put your offerwall for maximum conversion rates than right where players need it. For social casino games, that means making your offerwall readily available when players run out of chips, are poised to rake in a big bonus, or are otherwise most likely to be tempted to give the promotions (and their rewards) time and attention. There’s an important caveat here: Seasoned casino game players don’t want to be distracted in the moment of play, so be careful not to make your offerwall integration obtrusive as they go in for another spin or a new hand. Instead, present it between plays when they’re most likely to be sizing up their current resources.

In Interstitial Video Slots

Interstitial advertisements are sometimes framed in opposition to offerwalls as an alternative source of revenue, but they can actually work quite well together. Featuring an interstitial ad that highlights some of the rewards available through your offerwall complete with a handy link means players will be more likely to keep those promotions in mind the next time they could use a little boost.

In the In-Game Store

Your in-game store is the home of aspirational purchases, and even non-paying players are likely to spend some time window shopping. Rather than simply hoping that they decide to convert at some point down the road, you can make the most of their attention now by prominently featuring your offerwall as a free alternative: These potentially discouraged users stay engaged as they get some boosts very much like those they may have been eyeing before, and they help your bottom line in the process.

Wherever You Want (With an API)

Offerwalls combine the element of choice with a rotating selection of rewards to keep players coming back again and again, but you may want to present a more handcrafted experience in certain parts of your game — for instance, by choosing special promotions to highlight in certain locations. If you’d like a little more control of where and how offerwall offers appear, prioritize an advertising partner that lets you customize their placement with a fully featured and developer-friendly API.

In a Mobile Browser

Offerwalls often give players an incentive to try out new games — while ensuring they come back to the game they started from so they can take advantage of their new rewards. Unfortunately, some app ecosystems restrict this kind of direct, in-game collaboration. However, these limits don’t apply to offers that are presented in a browser. By carefully crafting an offerwall experience that loads in a browser but looks and feels almost identical to your app, you can get the best of both worlds with none of the limitations.

AdAction’s advanced technology provides social casino mobile game developers with a best-in-class native ad experience that is available across platforms, all while supporting the flexibility and power of an advanced API. Our dedicated, in-house experts deliver reliable support for your monetization and our up-to-the-minute reporting provides complete transparency. If you’re ready to unlock a new revenue stream for your social casino mobile game, reach out to AdAction today.

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