App User Acquisition and Monetization: Better Together

app user acquisition

Mobile app marketers and publishers often see the worlds of app user acquisition (UA) and app monetization as unrelated segments. Typically, two different teams manage these efforts, but UA and monetization are better together. 

UA and Monetization Have Overlapping Goals

UA managers care about return on ad spend (ROAS), cost per acquisition (CPA), and user growth. A UA manager cares about the download numbers as well as being able to retain them. 

Monetization managers focus on maximizing lifetime value (LTV) and average revenue per daily user (ARPDAU). They also have an interest in acquisition and retention, so they have more users to monetize. They use various tactics to do this, including offerwalls and driving more in-app purchases (IAPs). 

The mobile app KPIs that these teams find important seem unrelated, but a closer look tells a different story. Ultimately, they have the same big picture goals—maximizing revenue and growing the brand. When these teams collaborate on campaigns, it’s easy to see why they are better together.

Monetization Offers Unique Perspectives Regarding App User Acquisition Strategies

UA teams focus on optimizing campaigns to make the best use of their budget. They are looking at the different options for ad units and placement. Additionally, the content of the new app user acquisition campaigns should align with the user’s expectations and preferences. How you’re serving ads, however, may be a blind spot to UA professionals. A monetization expert may have a fresh perspective on how to position the ad better to ensure the best user experience and opportunities. 

More Data from Both Tactics Generates More Revenue

data ua and monetization

While UA and monetization come at the app environment from two angles, they can work in tandem to generate more revenue for your company. The way to do this best is by understanding your audience. You can get to this point with data. 

Multiple data sets are vital:

  • IAP habits and offerwall interactions by users.
  • Data provided via rewarded advertising exchanges (i.e., rewarded ads offer a reward if the user creates a profile). 
  • Category data from third-party sources.
  • Demographic, interest, and preference data collected from customers through your web profiles, social media sites, or other digital marketing initiatives. 

The more data you compile from in-app interactions and those occurring outside, the better your personas will be. That’s extremely valuable to your UA folks, as they design new campaigns to attract new people. 

A Strong Bond Between UA and Monetization Uncovers Insights

Removing the silo between UA and monetization, and having equal access to the data noted above, uncovers even more insights. Those could be opportunities or concerns. 

One example is platform alignment. If you’re buying UA ads from one network but not using it for monetization, you may be missing out on revenue or using a channel that’s not worth your investment. It makes sense that a well-performing network should help you accomplish app user acquisition and monetization goals.  

On the other hand, if you have monetization success with certain advertisers, you may find it’s favorable for UA campaigns, as well. Look for synergies between the two areas.

Measuring the Entire Picture

When UA and monetization are separate, you likely don’t have the whole story. When you merge oversight of the areas, you can measure the entire operation around mobile app marketing. You’ll have more meaningful data that allows you to keep optimizing and refining for the best outcomes.

UA and Monetization Experts

We understand the importance of UA and monetization being part of the same strategy. Our team has experts and solutions for both. See how we can elevate both aspects to ensure you gain more users and revenue. Contact us today to learn more.

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