How to Increase Your App Store Ranking in 3 Steps

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How to Increase Your App Store Ranking in 3 Steps

Does app store ranking really matter? How can it improve user acquisition (UA)? These questions are familiar to mobile app marketers. While much of your efforts focus on advertising to support UA, you may overlook app store optimization (ASO). It’s a very critical piece in your strategy to obtain new users. There are many components to marketing strategy, and app store ranking should be a priority because of its ability to increase the visibility of your app.

So, what specific steps can you take right now to boost your ranking?

Why App Store Ranking Matters

Better rankings deliver better visibility. According to Google, one in four app users discover an app through search. Apple’s numbers are even higher, with 70% using search to find new apps.

For them to find your app, you’ll need to ensure that your app profile has the right keywords. As a result, you could display in the findings. However, where you show up has more to do with your app ranking. 

To enhance your app’s visibility and ranking, you should take these steps.

Audit Your ASO

When was the last time you optimized your app profile? ASO has the same framework as SEO and thus needs attention and optimization regularly. Failure to refresh could be costing you in rankings. Here’s what to review and adjust:

  • Make sure the most important keywords are in your title.
  • Select keywords based on relevance, traffic, and competition.
  • Add new keywords that may be seasonal or event-based (e.g., holiday shopping, football sports betting).
  • Be concise with descriptions defining what the app does, how it solves problems, and what features it includes.
  • Use compelling and high-quality visuals, screenshots, and videos. 
  • Gather more reviews, as they are vital to ranking; additionally, 50% of mobile users won’t consider an app with a 3-star rating or lower.

Drive Discoverability with CPI Campaigns

App store discoverability (ASD) aligns with your ASO initiatives. The goal is to make your app more discoverable through search by employing smart CPI (cost per install) campaigns. CPI can directly tie to rank management because these tactics deliver the download. 

These CPIs will be different from others since the objective discoverability. Highly targeted campaigns will serve you well. Look to your data of current users to find a niche. You could also launch a social influencer campaign that uses a CPI model to direct people to your app’s profile. You can gain quality users through these tactics and improve your ranking and discoverability.

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Deploy Keyword Burst Campaigns for ASO Rank

A keyword burst campaign can give your app ranking a boost. In this campaign, you’re bidding on the keywords you believe your target audience will use. Your app then displays in the spotlight. With this visibility, you will likely get more clicks to your profile pages. On the Apple App Store, you can send people to custom profile pages (CPPs) that align with those keywords. It can be very helpful in getting the download if the profile page is more personalized. 

The result of keyword burst campaigns is more installs. Those installs push your ranking up the charts. The more prominent you are there, your app will likely receive organic downloads. You’re investing in an ad campaign, but you can also count on new users checking your app out, which was the indirect result of the paid campaign. 

Improve Your App’s Rank with AdAction

Improving your app store ranking is central to UA and mobile app marketing. With these steps, you can make an immediate impact. Enhancing app visibility and discoverability are continuous strategies, and you’ll need an expert to help you navigate and pivot. Tap our team to help with ranking today.

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