Mobile App Influencer Marketing: Using TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram to Reach UA Goals

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Are you looking for ways to invigorate your user acquisition (UA) strategies? With a wide variety of channels and ad types, you always want to have a good mix. A newer approach is to use mobile app influencer marketing. The key to leveraging this tactic is that the campaign setup should be performance-based. 

Let’s look at developing influencer marketing on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram to boost UA and positive ROAS (return on ad spend).

What Is Performance-Based Mobile App Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing has been on a steady rise for years. Celebrities, social media stars, and other public figures are all in the mix. Since they have massive numbers of followers, companies are willing to write a check and hope for the best.

While that may derive some positive results and buzz, it’s hard to attribute the money spent to UA. Performance-based influencer marketing changes the game. You only pay when someone downloads your app based on the unique link the influencer inserts into content. In this CPI (cost per install) model, you have transparency regarding how the campaign performed.

Deploying influencer marketing campaigns that attract your ideal users requires some tweaks, too.

Your Influencers Should Be Relevant to Your Category and Users

Micro-influencers are the best target for influencer marketing. They have a larger than average following but aren’t at the celebrity level. They also tend to have a niche, and those that follow them revere them as trusted experts. 

Data supports the conclusion that micro-influencers have the highest engagement rates. They outperformed all other influencer types on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

These are just a few of the many benefits in finding the best influencers that will inspire your user base. Match with vetted and reviewed influencers to collaborate on a campaign that drives results for both parties.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas for TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram

TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are the ideal social profiles for influencer marketing. All these profiles have high engagement stats. Content is also short and sweet, with many fun features to include. Here are some ideas for campaigns that can get followers tuned in to your app.

Generate Buzz Around What’s New

You could use this type of influencer campaign to bring a new app to market or introduce its latest features. It works for gaming, retail, fitness, finance, and other categories. Content creators would deliver a sneak peek at what’s new with a tease and add an offer in the video to get new users to download.

Take Advantage of Seasonality and Holidays

Almost every app has some seasonality to it. M-commerce apps have the holiday season. Sports betting apps have kickoffs and fitness apps experience lifts in usage at the beginning of the year. Whatever you can hang your hat on around seasonality, use it to develop influencer marketing campaigns to drive new traffic to your apps when consumers think of them most. 

National days also work well because hashtags may be trending, which drives more people to your influencer’s content.

Capture Real Stories

Can an app change your life? It’s possible that it makes things easier and less complicated. Following an influencer that has a story to tell can be very effective. As humans, we love stories. They create emotional connections and can influence actions. If you can capture this in a campaign that’s genuine and authentic, you’ll hit your UA goals.

Showcase Exclusive Promotions

Exclusivity is a major theme in influencer marketing. Setting up a campaign with your influencer to provide an exclusive promotion can move the needle on downloads. The promotion should be relevant to your app, like free trials, special feature access, or something unique to the campaign. Look at past promotional data to determine what performed well in the past and take that as a cue.

Mobile App Influencer Marketing: Get Results with Stacks

Stacks is AdAction’s latest product, and it’s an easy breezy platform that UA managers will love. We do all the vetting on influencers. Once they are verified, they search for promotions and apply for them. Upon approval, you’ll work with the influencer to develop the content. You’ll also have access to the feedback loop once the campaign goes live. 

Ready to do influencer marketing? Check out Stacks Powered by AdAction today!

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